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Where did my iWork document go?

Asked by intro24 (1434points) February 2nd, 2009 from iPhone

I’d like to use my Fluther lifeline, Regis. So I took about an hour to type and review a document I need for Wednesday on my MacBook with iWork ‘09 (acuired legally). I saved it several times throughout but once I closed and opened it I had one of the first saved copies. Much less than what I had just worked on. Anyway, I’m almost sure I saved it properly but I’m not really very familiar with iWork yet. It’s a shame because I was really satisfied with what I had accomplished and with iWork’s convenience. Anyone have any idea why this would have happened or if there’s any way to recover my work (I don’t have Time Machine set up). Thank you so much for any help to fix this annoying problem.

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Did you change the location at all? Maybe once you tried to save it again it set it to save to another file?

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I don’t think I did and I did a search of everywhere I think and it didn’t show anything more than the unfinished copy in the “Today” folder.

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If you’re using a Mac you can click on the magnifying glass icon in the top right corner and search the name you saved the document under.

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And if your drive is indexed, you can search for a phrase used in the body of your document. Very handy.

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Thanks for the help. I just retyped everything I lost. I think I know what happened though. I must have saved it to my MacBook and then accidentally replaced it with an older file from my desktop computer. I feel stupid.

On the plus side I just received the Fluther Tee I’d ordered and I love that little guy being on the t-shirt. No one I know will understand it and I’ll have to explain but it’s still definitely worth wearing.

On that note I leave you until my next random question or until I manage to find time to look at my growing activity and questions.

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