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Do you have a date this coming valentine's day?

Asked by rutheena (46points) February 2nd, 2009

I have a friend who is looking for a date. Are you interested?

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yes, FINALLY! lmao

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oh wait, got so excited I didn’t fully read the Q. My bad :D

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ahahaha! don’t get overwhelmed joni1977

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Nope…first Valentine’s day in 5 years that I’ll be single! I’m interested to see how it goes…

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Sadly, I don’t think I will have a date D: . I never do. I guess I’ll spend that night taking a long shower.

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I’m going to a party where there’ll be a lot of fellas. w00t!

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I don’t think I will. I have a friend I want to take out, but I highly doubt she will.

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I’ll be at a party also. There will be guys. I’m interested in one in particular.

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It’s Chinese buffet for me, my guy, and our 5 year old daughter.

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I will be alone, as always.

Mtl_zack, you want company in that long shower? ;-)

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Woah. Forward much? =]

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@Jane_Ann_Deaux If I had company, I wouldn’t be in that (sticky) situation.

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TMI Zack!

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I have never had a valentines date…I’m kind of notorious among my friends for being single. I honestly am not sure how to explain it either.

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Im still looking for a date, but either way I will be watching Dr.Dog at Mercy Lounge!!

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@RandomMrdan The questioner was looking for a Valentines date for her friend. You’re one of those honest guys, aren’t you?

I pay attention to previous questions and answers ;)

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I am an honest guy =)

I guess I overlooked the details…I think a blind date would be a bit awkward though…

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I think we would need some more details on your friend! Anyway, i’ve never been a big Valentine’s Day person. I celebrate International Quirkyalone Day :)

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I have a lover and a plan, now I just need to get him a present…but that’s another question and another fluther…

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@La_chica_gomela Make him a dinner and feed it to him.

monkey style ;)

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As long as my spouse is around, I have a permanent Valentine’s date! It’ll be two years since the Valentine’s day he asked me to marry him. We’ll probably split a bottle of the rose-petal mead (honey wine) that he brewed for our wedding.

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My husband just told me he had made plans for us – all taken care of – nothing for me to do. Which is odd, we don’t “do” Valentine’s Day. Our anniversary is just about a week later, so we don’t do things for Valentine’s Day. It was a nice surprise.

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I have a date. We’re going to a hot dog stand. I just realized that Coraline will be out, so if we haven’t been already, I might drag him to the movies.

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I’ve got a date with iChat. ;]

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I think I might have just gotten one.
Now, how to explain this to my SO?

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Currently, no, but that could change.

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