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When cooking are there any rules or guidelines as to when one should use a red onion versus a white one?

Asked by ava (985points) October 4th, 2007 from iPhone

I never know which to use when!

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I don’t know about any rules, but I’ve always only used red onion for salads. I generally find my kids don’t object as much to the less visible cooked white onions in their food. Actually, I should say I use sweet yellow onions for cooking, I’ve never really used white onions for anything. I prefer scallions to onions in a lot of dishes anyway, but rarely get a chance to use them as the whole family will only eat them if I bury them in small pieces in egg or tuna salad. Heathen.

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I prefer sweet onions as well. I rarely (if ever) use white onions. I only use red onions uncooked (sandwiches, salads, etc..). Stick with Walla Walla sweets (WAY better than Vidalia), you won’t be sorry!

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I agree with Hossman and Supergirl: thumbs down on whites, reds are best if you want to eat them raw (although they can still be too “oniony” for many palates – in which case, go with scallions or even shallots) and yellows are good all-purpose onions. Sweet yellows are nice but for the budget-minded I think normal yellow onions are just fine for most cooked dishes.

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I prefer scallions best for all dishes, but I use still red for tuna salad, and the little white ones for crock pot dishes such as stews and pot roasts. The white ones have a subtle sweet flavor but the texture is difficult to cook to perfection.

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My vote is for only red raw also, but a little (and cut in very small dice or slivers) goes a long way.Now I am in paradise – gorging on fresh sliced tomatoes, just picked, w. fresh basil, fresh mozarella, and a few mini slices of red onion w. a nice vinaegrette.

Leeks and shallots are nice also, as christy “blue grosbeak” bird said.

What onion would you use for French onion soup?

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Walla Walla or Vidalia for french onion soup.

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