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How can you prevent crying while chopping an onion?

Asked by sierragrl24 (1points) April 19th, 2009

Need the answer for a science project due in 2 day. Help plz!

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cutting onions releases acidic fumes from the onion that mix with the fluid on your eye, causing irritation and increased tear production.

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I used to chop onions wearing swimming goggles when I was like 9 years old and learning to cook stuff. I was so cool.

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Refrigerate them first.

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Chop them under water.

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Like @crisw, I have heard that they are less noxious if cold, so I pop them in the freezer for a bit prior to chopping them.

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When I worked in a pizza shop I left them soaking in cold water until I was ready to chop them and left the ones I wasn’t chopping at that moment in water. Worked great.

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@richardhenry Uh yeah, I would’ve thought you were cool chopping an onion in swimming goggles…

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I’ve heard chewing on a toothpick while chopping them helps. Haven’t tried it though…

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@rhetorician I would have looked considerably cooler if I’d chosen that option.

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Thanks guys! I really need help with this question! Keep em coming!

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Or I could keep the goggles on in order to submerge my face while I chop.

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The match trick works pretty well: hold a wooden match between your teeth (business end sticking out). I used to know why it helps, but I’ve forgotten. I don’t think this is Dumbo’s feather—it really does seem to reduce the amount of irritation to the eyes. I always lean back a bit, too, and try not to be directly over the onion while chopping.

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I went to visit my friend once and she opened the door wearing ski goggles and holding a big knife. Turns out she was making French onion soup when I arrived.

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Keep your mouth shut while cutting onions.

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cut them underwater

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Wear contact lenses. For many years, I could cut onions without a single tear. I got Lasik surgery and cried liked a baby the first time I cut an onion.

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@ru2bz46 Me too, I used to wear contacts and had no problem cutting onions, I didn’t know what the big fuss was about until I tried cutting them without my contacts in.

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Just breath through your mouth while chopping. That helps.

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The underwater thing helps. So does making sure you’re using a really sharp knife. If you’re knife is a bit dull it’ll just squeeze out more juices and gases. If you’re knife is really sharp you’re disrupting less of the cell walls and releasing less gases.

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This is weird but has worked:
I keep my mouth open while I cut the onions. I swear I heard somewhere that the gas from the onions will go to the first I guess “moist” area. Well if you open your mouth, your mouth will get the tear causing gas first. Now writing it out it seems ridiculous, but hey it works!

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Buy a slap chop from Vince.

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When I first became a chef I asked around and got two responses that worked for me: 1. Hold a piece of ice between your tongue and the roof of your mouth (the downside is the ice usually melts before I’m done chopping). 2. Put a small piece of onion on the top of your head (yeah, I know how weird it sounds)—I wear a bandana to cover my hair at work and just tuck a small piece inside the bandana. These two really work for me.

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I think @Alegio618 has been sampling the sherry again.

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@Alegio618 You can also drape red pepper slices over your ears to alleviate the effect.

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Then what do you do with the celery?

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I saw on myth busters once that chilling an onion before you cut it slows down the crying process a little bit. I am a chef, the only thing that i think really works is to work fast, dont stand there all day breathing them in.

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