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What is your favorite Fluther movie or television program?

Asked by Blondesjon (33852points) February 4th, 2009 from iPhone

I was always a big fan of Fluthering Heights when it was on PBS. Fluther, She Wrote and The Passion of the Fluther are also some favorites.

What about you collective? What are some of your favorites?

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Oh yeah. I always loved “Fluther Ties” with Michael J Fox, back in the 80s!

And “Fluthery Island” – that one with Mr. Rourke and his assistant Tattoo who would always shout, “Da’loon, boss! Da’loon!” at the beginning of each episode…

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Favorite movie- Young Flutherstein

Favorite tv shows- X-Fluthers, Little Fluther on the Prairie, Law and Fluther, The Fluther Bunch

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TV Shows: Everybody Loves Fluther
Movies: The Godfluther

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More movies: Fast Times at Fluther High, The Bad News Flutherers, Murder By Fluther_

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CSI: Fluther

Top Fluther

and the best documentary on….Planet Fluther

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Going way back, I was a big fan of The Partridge Fluther. My two favorite new shows are Friday Night Fluther and Nip/Fluther.

For movies I am sticking with that classic It’s a Wonderful Fluther.

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For movies, I like Fluther Actually.

For TV, Arrested De-Fluther-ment and Fluther-fly.

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TV: The Fluthers In The Hall, Mr. Fluther’s Neighborhood, Monty Python’s Fluthering Circus, Doctor Fluther, Mad Fluthers

Film: It’s A Fluther, Fluther, Fluther, Fluther World (the one from the 60s, natch!), Casafluther, His Fluther Friday, Some Like It Fluther, Blazing Fluthers, Dr. Strangelove (or How I Stopped Worrying and Loved the Fluther)

I like old movies.

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I love Casafluther, it’s my favorite movie! I just wasn’t sure how to, ahem, get it across.

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Debbie Does Fluther.

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@aprilsimnel – actually, us fans call it Doctor Flu.

And, don’t forget Citizen Fluther, The Flutherdelphia Story, and that great Hitchcock mystery, Two Fluthers on a Train.

Old sci-fans will remember It Came from Beneath the Fluther, The Beast from 20,000 Fluthers, Invasion of the Fluthering Saucers and The Man Who Had Two Fluthers and Journey to the Center of the Fluther. Of course, young Steve McQueen was great in The Blog.

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Don’t forget The Day the Earth Did Fluther! It’s a classic! I, um, avoided the remake though.

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Fluther Street Blues

And to all Flutherers on the site here:

“Hey, let’s be careful out there.”

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- Little Shop of Fluthers
Radio Fluther
Flight of the Fluthigator
Sixteen Fluthers

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Flutherfeld, the show about nothing.

The Red Fluther, first movie I ever saw.

The Maltese Fluther

Fluther’s Game



The Fluther trilogy (Fluther, Fluther and Empire, Second Fluther)

I, Fluther

The Complete Fluther
The Compleat Fluther

A Boy’s Fluther

A Wrinkle in Fluther

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O, Fluther, Where Art Thou? & How I Met Your Fluther.

And for you older flutherenos out there, My Fluther, the Car.

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Fluther Girls Are Easy
Fluther Brother from Another Planet
The Fluther King
Old Fluther
A Night at the Fluther

The Fluther Brothers
The Flutherist
As the Collective Turns
Afluther World

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@steelmarket – Doctor Flu? Hahahaha! So I’m a Fluvian!

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Fluther Idol
The Good, The Bad, The Flutherer
The Neverending Fluther
The Color of Fluther
One Flew Over the Fluther’s Nest
The Wizard of Fluther

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Another tv show- Fluthern Exposure

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@Bluefreedom I would definitely watch One Flew Over the Fluther’s Nest.

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Fluther Knows Best
Fluther of the Bride

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@Marina. With all of the eccentric personalities we have here, it would certainly be a great show.

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@AstroChuck…Old school?

Car Fifty-Fluther, where are you?

The Real McFluthers

Now, what works better? Starskey and Fluther or Fluther and Hutch


The Fluthers of Hazzard or The Dukes of Fluther

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A Midsummer Night’s Fluther.

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Family Fluther, Fluther Park, Fluther or no Fluther, Seinfluther, The X-Fluthers, Fluther Wars, The Fluther Is Right, Flutherama aka Futurefluther, the list goes on.

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Eight is a Fluther, Sex in the Fluther, Fluther and Maude, Jerry MacFluther, Forrest Fluther, The Price is Fluther

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@SuperMouse…I agonized over Eight is Enough.

i prefer Fluther Gump.

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@Blondesjon I like The Dukes of Fluther!


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project fluther and facts of fluther have always been my favourites, but i must admit that i have to fit in some time each week to watch an episode of 2&1/2 jellies.

eternal fluther of the spotless jelly is my favourite movie hands down.

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Fluther Busters, How it’s Fluthered, and Bizzare Fluthers are my favorite cable shows.

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@jonsblond – I <3 Bizarre Fluthers!!

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On Saturday afternoons (as a kid who watched more TV than I do now), my eyes were glued to Fluther: 1999, The Outer Fluthers, and The Fluther Zone. Then my favorite top-40 countdown show, Solid Fluther. Then it was over to PBS for Blackfluther, Red Fluther, Are You Being Fluthered? and One Foot in the Fluther. Then homework! Then MPFC and Doctor Flu.

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i almost forgot there’s something about fluther, some like it jelly, and gentlemen prefer flutherers!

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@tiffyandthewall I kind of like Flutherers prefer blondes myself. ;)

A Fistful of Fluthers

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Don’t forget the Keenan Ivory Wayans film, I’m Gonna Git You, Flutha!

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@AstroChuck, since we are talking about the Keenan Ivory Wayans, we can’t forget In Living Fluther.

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@jonsblond, so true, it definitely has a better ring to it and is quite a bit more accurate (;

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Fluther’s Big Adventure and the sequel Bigtop Fluther.

lurve for _A Fist Full of Fluther

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@tiffyandthewall Loved Facts of Fluther The bong episode, “You put jelly beans in it!”.

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Fluther Titanic? :S

My Fluther Story
FlutherBob JellyPants

alright, now I am killing it

Fluther’s Big Adventure: Piwi Herman’s Big Adventure?

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Son of Fluther

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Son of a Fluther, Marina!

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T.V. –
Fluthering with the Stars
Wheel of Fluther
Alvin and the Fluthermunks

Movies –
Dirty Fluthering
Alice in Flutherland
Charlie and the Fluther Factory (the original)
Teenage Mutant Ninja Flutherites
Chitty Chitty Fluther Bang

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