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Which is better for you, wine, liquor, or beer?

Asked by brangeo (29points) October 5th, 2007 from iPhone

if consumed regularly (4–5 nights a week) at 1–2 drinks per night which of the alcoholic beverages is better for you?

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Red Wine, is good for your health (heart, blood pressure, etc) one glass, either after lunch or dinner is great.

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Wine. Lots of antioxidants.

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Actually, studies find that beer provides increases in plasma antioxidant activity equivalent to wine. Farther down in the same article, you’ll note that one drink per day of any of those beverages is considered beneficial.

I’ll put in a vote for beer, though – especially bottle-conditioned or “real ale”. The live and dead yeast present in naturally-carbonated, non-pasteurized beer are a source of vitamin B. Barley can also be a source of protein, and hops have been used in herbal medicine for ever. Finally, beer has more flavor components, and a wider range of styles than wine, so it may even improve your meal more (with the correct pairing, of course).

Indeed, it even looks as though the ‘beer belly’ is a myth. Again, as long as you’re not pounding them back.

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To quote Benjamin Franklin: “Beer is proof God loves us.”

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I think all are good for you in moderation. I have read pros for all three. Everybody has heard of wine being good for you “the french paradox” easy internet research. BeerRiot is right also beer has benifits according to new research. The yeast in it even helps in hangover prevention because of high levels of B vitamins. Hard liquer also has benifits but usually has more calories (100 calories per ounce) so it has to be “worst” for you. So have your drinks and stay healthy…..just dont drink and drive… has grave effects….Ive seen them first hand as a firefighter/ EMT.

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Not to nitpick, but BeerRiot’s caveat of “naturally-carbonated, non-pasteurized beer” knocks about 95% of the beer off the shelf – you can only drink craft beers in order to get that, which means that you’re gonna have a tough time finding “healthy beer” in Bufu, Egypt.

All wine is non-pasteurized, and naturally carbonated, making the choice much easier. Plus, wine goes with damn near everything you’d want to eat, even breakfast – try a mimosa if you’re so inclined!

Perhaps I should change my name to “WineRiot”...

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You raise an important question. Well known medical authority Dr. Dean Edell explains that there are “differences of opinion about whether beer, wine, or liquor offers the quickest route to a longer life. Of ten major studies, one-third found this true for wine, one-third for beer, and one-third for liquor. Most researchers now believe that it is the alcohol in all of them that provides the magic, but they don’t rule out other components of alcoholic beverages.”

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