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What's the worst date story ever to cross Fluther's threshold?

Asked by Siren (3419points) February 4th, 2009

We’ve all heard horror stories surrounding the dating scene. Sometimes dates just go downhill on their own for some reason, with hilarious and embarrassing outcomes that are often worth adding to our arsenal of yarns. Or, it could have been that through an unfortunate series of events (or fortunate, depending on your viewpoint) you became the worst date ever.

Describe the worst date you, or a friend you know have experienced. Your story could become legend on Fluther, or stuff of urban legends if it gets outside these collective walls.

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This isnt that horrible, just stupid. It was years ago. First date with a guy I had just met. We get into the car and as he drives down the block he asks if he can call me a different name because he doesnt like my first name. Being the nice person I was back then, I told him he could call me by my middle name. He said he didn’t really like that either. I told him to go on around the block and drop me back off at my place.

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i dont have anything that bad, i think its because im still rather young. back in junior high i told this girl in the middle of the movie i had to go to the bathroom and ended up just leaving.

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My sister’s good friend was dating this girl for awhile. They were getting serious enough that she invited him over to meet her parents. He was really nervous at first, but everything seemed to be going well.

But then in the middle of dinner, his stomach didn’t feel so good. He excused himself to go the bathroom. It was really bad diarrhea. He was flushing every few minutes. After the nth time wiping and flushing, the toilet started to back-up. The toilet water began to rise. He totally panicked and started shoving toilet paper into the toilet. When he ran out of that, he started shoving the towels into the toilet. This obviously did not stop the overflow.

At this point, his diarrhea was flowing over onto the floor. He freaked out. He didn’t know what to do. He just knew he didn’t want to be caught in that situation. He opened up the bathroom window AND ESCAPED THROUGH THE WINDOW.

And even though they were serious enough for him to meet her parents, he never tried to call or email her again. This was in the middle of his residency (along with my sister) and all of his friends still call him Dr. Diarrhea.

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@Nimis Hilarious! Is that where all the movies got that idea? I love it. I take it the girl never dated him again?

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@jamzzy That’s pretty low. That poor girl probably considers that a pretty devastating date story.

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@dlm812 The story itself is pretty fucking hilarious. But if you really think about it, it’s kind of sad. They were actually pretty serious. I think she did try to call him, but he didn’t have the balls to pick up the phone.

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What a jerkwad.
That could have been a mortifying laugh about it years from now moment. Still funny though. :)

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Yeah. It’s kind of fucked up.
Talk about lack of closure.

Plus I don’t think I’d want a doctor
that would jump ship so easily either.

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Oh shit, he’s coding!
Well, fuck if I’m sticking around!
This ain’t my fault, bitches. Peace.

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Haha…especially funny if he then exited through a small window.

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Oh goodness.

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Haha, he fails at the one thing doctors truly need, calm in the midst of chaos.
He took a ride on the Fail Truck. :’(

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It is hard to top the legendary cake man thread for drama, intrigue, and creepy factor.

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I’m gonna vote Nimis’s story as the winner so far. Do we have any more candidates?

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OMFG, good call Marina.
That is a legendary thread.

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I still vote for diarrhea…it has staying power.

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@Siren Actually, it doesn’t; it is more like going power.

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Much like the first response – not bad (and no diarrhea) but stupid – I had a terrible cold and cough but the guy was coming from out of town so I said ok to meeting. First he told me about all the weight he lost (we met online). I asked about some of his Online experiences and he said “well, some women lie about their looks and size and that sucks. I want people to be honest… well, you look adequate.” (how do you respond to that? When we were looking at the menu he said: “if you want me to tell you want to order for something low fat if you are looking to lose some weight, just let me know.” (uh, thanks?) Finally… after I had spent the evening coughing up a lung… he said, “you sure you don’t want to come up for sex?? I’m sure I can work around the coughing.”

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@mjchatter NO! He can work around the coughing? That is too funny.

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@Marina: I stand corrected.

@mjchatter: Pretty funny, and my condolences with your experience :)

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I enjoy a good code blue. Nothing is more peaceful…

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@Likeradar i was a d-bag in junior high.

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