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Do you prefer to buy your coffee out or make it at home?

Asked by nightwolf5 (2958points) March 15th, 2016

I like buying it out once in a while, but prefer to make and have it at home, as having it out is on the spendy side.

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Both. If I’m meeting friends, or have been working at home a lot, then having a coffee in a coffee shop is lovely. However, we have a coffee machine and my husband makes a fabulous coffee. So if I want a coffee at home that’s fine too. I tend to drink tea at home most of the time.

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Out. I’ve never had the knack to brew myself really good coffee at home. In fact, I’m no good at making anything in the kitchen from scratch.

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Anything, as long as it’s good enough.

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In the morning or when I’m home, home made coffee is good enough. When I’m out, I’ll buy it out. I’m pretty easy that way.

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Both. I make a pot of coffee from Graffeo Roast every morning. And then at work I go to the Peet’s across the street from my office.

On the weekends, I start my day by walking to a nearby coffee place for a triple latte. Then make a pot of coffee while I savor that.

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I don’t drink coffee, but my husband does. We make it at home 99.2% of the time. We are way too cheap to buy it out. We even use reusable keurig cups to save some money.

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Tea at home; coffee out once or twice a week. I do make coffee if I have overnight guest who drink it.

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Both. In the morning, I but a $1.00 iced coffee at McDonalds. At night, I make hot coffee in my Nespresso machine.

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I’m a tea guy. But I never buy pre-made tea in a shop. If I go to a coffee place I just get hot chocolate.

Allie sent me some tea for my birthday that she bought when she was in Dubai. She knows me well. I love everything citrus.

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Mostly make it at home or work. But this question is a bad influence on me because I read it and then bought a takeaway coffee at lunchtime. Bad @nightwolf5

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I am the same as you, @nightwolf5.

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I do both, depending on how much time I have.

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Home, I rarely buy a coffee when I am out. On occasion I will stop into a A.M. p.m. or gas station store and get a cup of the toffee coffee or mocha or hot chocolate but I never go to Starbucks or other over priced, over rated coffee places.

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If I’m out and buying it, I have two gift cards from DD that are for ten large coffees each. If I don’t want a large coffee, I’ll pay cash and keep the gift card for when I feel like large. I’ll also get coffee at McD’s, which sells Paul Newman’s coffee, and it’s really good for $1. I will never, ever buy Starbucks (aka “Megabucks”) because I don’t like the taste and I don’t like the price.

At home I use a Keurig. I love the convenience. Best homemade coffee is a French Press.

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I prefer most everything made at home rather than buying it out.

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