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How do you take your coffee/tea?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (37450points) 3 weeks ago

With milk and sugar? Just one and not the other? Black?

Hot or iced?

Do you have a favorite cup?

I drink tea without milk and sugar. When we go to Ala Moana, I get a café machiato from the Illy coffee stand.

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I put Splenda or Sweet n Lo in it, and either regular milk or 2%. I like it hot rather than iced.

I use a paper cup because I find putting hot tea in a cold ceramic cup cools the coffee off, and I need it hot hot . I will rinse the cup out and use it maybe 4 or 5 times before throwing it out. I usually drink between 3 and 5 cups a day, only in the morning, then that’s it for the day.

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English Breakfast in the morning without milk or sugar; an herbal sometimes in the afternoon. coffee mainly on vacation with milk or half and half and sugar. I love a latte that way but I don’t need caffeine and I try not to consume calories in drinks. There are so many other ways to do so!

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Cream and sugar for coffee.
Sugar for tea.

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Iced coffee mostly with just some oat milk in it.

Not a tea fan but I do like mint tea occasionally in the winter. Hot, with nothing in it.

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Hot coffee with almond milk or oat milk at home.

A medium non fat caffe latte with an added shot (for a total of three shots) from Peets or other espresso place.

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Iced or hot tea I add a package of Splenda. Hot coffee nothing added. Iced coffee doesn’t happen at my house.

Whether it is a glass for ice tea, or a cup/mug for hot tea or coffee, I’m unsurprisingly particular about it. It can’t be too thick and the lip must barely curve outward. Not every cup fitting that description will work for me. It just has to feel right.

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I don’t drink coffee and I like green tea without milk or sugar. We had mint tea sweetened with honey at lunchtime in a Moroccan restaurant and it was very nice.

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This is probably a way more complicated answer than necessary but….

In the morning I make a pot of coffee ½ strength. Since I am getting in shape, I can use a little more calcium so I mix ~10 grams of Ovaltine in with a frother. If the milk is already out, I will add a splash. If I have to open the refrigerator door and take it out, I will skip it. That saves a bit of energy.

During the day I will mix the ½ strength coffee with water to have with my lunch. I won’t drink it after about 3 pm.

When I am at the end of a honey or maple syrup container I will pour my hot coffee into the container, swish it around, and then drink the sweetened drink as a special treat.

I will drink tea however it is served to me. If someone is making tea I will take whatever they are having. I don’t have a preference and it is less bother for the host.

If I am making tea myself I will mix 0.5 gram of matcha green tea in water and froth it.


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As is. Black

Ice or Hot

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When I drank coffee I had it black. There are virtually no calories in black coffee.

Iced tea. No sweetners. Not even fake ones.

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Tea: Iced, no sugar, no splenda, no lemon, no nothing.

Coffee: Hot, either black or with sweetener.

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Oh! I love lemon in my tea!

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Coffee, small spoon of stevia, and a splash of flavored creamer.

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I like organic chilled tea: Tazo green; Just Ice hibiscus, honey green; and peach oolong.

According to an article I read, the most healthful beverages are:
1. Water
2. Green tea
3. Hibiscus tea.
6. Coffee.

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I don’t drink coffee, although I do love coffee ice cream

I love tea, and my favorite is basic Black Tea with sugar. I usually don’t stir it completely, I like the last sips to be very sweet. If I am having my tea with cookies or cake, I usually have my tea straight, without any sweetner.

If it is iced tea I’ll have it anywhere from no sugar to fairly sweet, it just depends on my mood. Sweet tea is way too sweet, I am not a fan of that. I guess fairly sweet is very subjective.

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First couple of morning coffees, milk and vanilla syrup (that I make at home, lordy that commercial stuff is expensive!) but after that, it’s all by mood. I drink all sorts of different teas, sometimes with honey, sometimes with sugar, sometimes plain; it’s all about whatever I feel like at the time.

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My decisions were based on calorie counts.

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Coffee. I loathe the stuff. It smells vile and tastes worse.

Tea. Love it and drink it daily, always straight-up with no sweetener or creamer.

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Coffee smells like skunk.

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I thought skunks were genetically engineered to smell like coffee and their tail stripe is the creamer.

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@cookieman I was planning to come visit you in Beantown but maybe not!

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@janbb: You should.

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@canidmajor how do you make vanilla syrup? Do tell.

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I make my own maple syrup.

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^^Technically pancake syrup or just syrup. Only a tree can make real maple syrup.

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@jca2 There’s a reason they call it “simple” syrup! 1 cup water, as soon as it starts boiling add 1 cup sugar. Turn off heat, stir til all the sugar is dissolved (a few minutes). Add 1 TBS vanilla extract (or whatever flavor you prefer), stir in, let cool, decant into glass jar or bottle. Absurdly inexpensive when you do it yourself, I get the bottles of vanilla from my Costco.

I love the stuff in my coffee. :-)

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Thank you @canidmajor.

@JLeslie you make a good point about maple syrup. Anything else is not maple syrup. It’s “pancake syrup” or “maple flavored syrup.”

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@canidmajor I don’t think she meant simple syrup. I think of simple syrup as a substitute for straight sugar in tea.

I think @Dutchess_III meant syrup for pancakes and waffles. Made with brown sugar or molasses or Karo corn syrup.

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@JLeslie @canidmajor was answering @jca2 ‘s question about how you make simple syrup.

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Yes, @JLeslie, she meant simple syrup or whatever I make, which is simple syrup with vanilla, because she specifically asked for my vanilla syrup, as I described in my first post.

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I use 1 c white sugar and 1 cup brown sugar and 1 cup water. Then I ad a dash of vanilla extract and a cap full of maple extract.
I grew up on that syrup.
Once my cousin, Lance, visited from Washington state. I made breakfast.
He said “Good homemade syrup Val!”
I was flabbergasted! Then it hit me. His mom and my mom were sisters! Gramma Stroomer made homemade syrup too.
BTW my mom used straight white sugar a maple flavoring.

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@Dutchess_III It is fun when relatives know the same recipes.

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AndrodackWannaBe was so mortified by that he sent me real maple syrup from New York!

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It is @janbb. But I wasn’t raised with them. );

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I get maple syrup from Costco and it’s pretty well priced.

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I like the idea of using maple extract. Real maple syrup is too cloying for my taste (don’t tell anyone I said that, I’ll get thrown out of my home in New England and sent to Arizona or something.)

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I have 6 large sugar maple trees on my property. I tapped 3 of them and would collect many gallons of sap during March. It takes about 25–30 gallons of sap to make one gallon of maple syrup. I did that a couple of times and decided it was not worth the effort. Also being a “thrifty” person, I did on the kitchen stove so the heat and humidity would stay in the house. That was a bad idea. The water vapor fogged up the windows and condensed on the walls, ceiling and floor. Yuk!
After that incident I’d just pour the sap through a coffee filter and bring gallons of it to work so everyone could use it in their coffee or tea. I even used it to make coffee a few times but the coffee maker would get sticky after a while.
I still have taps, buckets, and Tygon tubing in case I decide to do it again.
That might be a fun project for the grandkids.

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Oh got it. I read right past that @canidmajor was answering @jca2, because I missed that @jca2 had even asked.

I like medium amber maple syrup.

@canidmajor Now you know why I responded about Broomfield pointing out I had corrected myself, because you word things just the same forever (and @janbb) always pointing out exactly how I missed something. For some reason you haven’t shared your knowledge on that Q. We all can make a mistake.

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I make the real maple syrup from our maple trees. I use a propane burner and a 5 gallon ss pot to do the boil outside. Then do the settle and sift inside. I usually make enough for several years. In Tennessee the syrup season is just a few weeks if we have one at all.

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@Blackwater_Park Sincve you’ve don it you know how much heat and humidity is released. That was why I tried doing the “cooking” indoors when it was freezing outdoors. I was trying to save BTUs.

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It can get so much worse. I have read where people did the boil indoors and ended up with a sticky film on everything in the house

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