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Is it possible to have Blog posts with images automatically post to home page of another site?

Asked by Dog (24827points) February 5th, 2009 from iPhone

I have volunteered to be webmaster of an organization that brings attention to homeless pets and several charities that need to place them.

Currently the stories are posted on a BLOGGER blog by different members and there is a link to the blog on the website home page.

It would be incredible to have the posts with pictures appear on the home page of the site automatically.

Not only would this give the animals in need more visibility but would keep the home page rotated and fresh.

Any suggestions greatly appreciated.

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First of all congrats. You are doing a wonderful thing.

What you want is doable but difficult to do. I’m not sure how much control you have over a site on blogger but if you hosted your own site with wordpress and convinced all the other sites to have a RSS feed this would be possible using Magpie RSS and some php-fu.

A pain in the ass, but doable.

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I wonder if can meet your needs.

The way it works, you email your post to them. Based on what your email address it, the posting goes to your specific blog.

I believe you can register any number of email addresses to allow them to post to your posterous blog.

If the email contains a picture, then voila you have what you want.

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From the blogger developer network, a recent post there makes it sound like they’ve just made the data a lot more portable, this may help in getting what you need out either one time or on a consistent basis.

Doesn’t it seem like an RSS feed with the full posts could be piped into the main website’s front page? I don’t have any experience with blogger, but it’s pretty simple to get wordpress to drop posts into a (non-wordpress) page. Can you set up Blogger to send the full post and images via RSS?

If so, then one of the rss plugins from wordpress might get you pretty close, wp-o-matic looks promising but seems like they’re still working out some bugs, there may be others that are along the same lines.

@dog does any of that look promising?

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Back from the bowels of my studio…

@funkdaddy- very interesting links- I will explore them more fully. They show promise!

@robmandu- I like the concept of but would need to use the offical site url.
Will look more to see if I can exploit it’s charms.

@johnpowell- Good info – Magpie sounds like a possibility. They post to the blogger now and I do think it has rss feed but will check. I am able to do anything with blogger but change the actual venue.

I really appreciate all the leads here- I had hit a dead end and now I have new direction.

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