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Activities to teach perimeter and area?

Asked by aprilshafer (1points) February 5th, 2009

area and perimeter

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I would use tactile items to teach it, one foot square like floor tiles. Give students one inch square pieces of paper and let them make different size configurations for squares and rectangles. Use newspaper ads with flooring prices and have them calculate how much it would cost for carpet for a room. Squares visually reinforce that multiplication is adding by groups. You could use a circle and teach them squares to teach estimating the area of the circle. Cut paper rods in 1 inch lengths and have them build a fence around their rectangle or square to teach perimeter. Again, use ads to make a real life connection between perimeter by having them estimate how much border paper they need for their bedroom or how much fencing they need for their back yard, and what the cost will be. There are lots of good simple real life word problems that can go along with area and perimeter.

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