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How do I get Halo 3 maps to play on Xbox Live?

Asked by freerangemonkey (353points) October 6th, 2007 from iPhone

I finally got my xbox connected to xbox live, but when I tried to get on to play Halo 3 in a multiplayer mode it gives me a message that one or more of the players in the playlist does not have the maps required to play. What does this mean and where do I get the maps?

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The exact message is:
“One or more players do not have the maps required to play in this playlist”

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There are some additional maps that can be purchased in the Xbox Live Marketplace. This is standard behavior for most games an a variety of platforms.

Officially, it is a way to let developers continue development on their games after they have been released, in turn extending the life of the game.

Unofficially, it seems that some developers are stripping out content from their games and then using these delivery methods to get more money for what was origionally supposed to be part of the game.

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so, again, how do I get these? It won’t let me play a multiplayer game until I have them, and it doesnt tell me how to get them. How do I know which ones to buy in the xbox live store?

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On your Xbox, go into the marketplace, select games and select Halo 3.

They don’t tell you exactly which maps you need to buy in hopes that you will just buy the map packs so that you get all of them.

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agh, that’s the microsoft I know and love.

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wtf? i have to pay to play online?? i ve payed xbox live membership gold, the xbox and the game.. i just want to play online with my friends!!!!!!!! :(:(:(

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I know i had trouble with this as well. It makes me mad that you have to keep paying to keep playing.

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I’m kinda in the same situation. But i downloaded all the map material off the marketplace( Cold Storage, Heroic map pack, Legendary map pack, Mythic map pack) and I’m still getting the same message when I try to go into a ranked game. I know I still don’t have Rats Nest and Foundry, where do i get these???

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those two are free, you get them where you got the others, “xbox live market place

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ok ive downloaded all the free maps, and still get the players do no have maps message… there are no options. it will let me play social slayer, but not rumble pit. i dont understand what else i can do?

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