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Is there gonna be a Halo 4?

Asked by fortris (683points) March 17th, 2008 from iPhone

Or a spinoff? And dont have “think” in your answer unless you have fact before it. No opionions (exp. Halo sucks!).

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so really the only people who would know the answer work for Bungie. If they haven’t anounced it yet then you are unlikely to get an answer here unless there is someone at bungie who’s tired of working there and doesn’t ever want to be employed in the industry again.

And what’s wrong with opinion. I thought that was the whole point of Fluther.

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No, the Halo storyline was a trilogy and there will be no more othertahn spinoffs such as Halo Wars and Peter Jackson’s project. There is speculation that the endo of Halo 3 will be cleared up with either a new book release or a game that ties in Halo and Marathon. Honestly it could go either way or they may not do anything else. But to answer your question there will not be a Halo 4.

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Dont you think it would be pretty stupid for both microsoft and bungie to just end it? You really cant believe they aren’t going to milk out this series a little more. Im not saying there is going to be a Halo 4 but as Bungie has said theres a pretty good possibility they will make another game using someone else’s story arc from the Halo universe

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I think their gonna make halo 4, but it will be Humans+Covenant vs. the forerunners (IF YOU HAVEN’T BEAT HALO 3 ON LEGENDARY DON’T READ) If your wondering why forerunner, you obvioulsy didn’t pass spoiler qualifications, most people belve (as do I) that the planet at the end of halo is a forerunner planet.

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there will be no more games based on the master chief. You can expect to see more of him and other halo characters in games involving the halo universe

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@confusedcrib I think you got it backwards, I think they wont have any OTHER of the characters besides cortana and the chief

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i heard somewhere that would be makin some more halo games but mc would not be in it and it probably wouldnt be called halo but still involved in the halo universe

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Halo does suck… my nephew was 4 years old and beat Halo 2. That said, of course there’s going to be a Halo 4: Halo 3’s been out for what? A year? Tops? Maybe? And there’s the Halo RTS game that’s not even released yet, and you’re already asking for part 4? Seriously man, go outside or something.

Or get into a game with some more depth… something you can’t beat in a week and start begging for a sequel.

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No you do! Halo 3 is great! Jk lol jk. i agree completely!

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