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Which social networking sites are actually useful to you?

Asked by jeffporten (88points) October 6th, 2007

I’ve noted a recent barrage of contacts asking me to connect to them on LinkedIn, and I’m debating whether to start using social networking sites more aggressively for business and personal reasons. Which ones offer the best bang for the time investment buck?

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For business purposes, LinkedIn is definitely the way to go.

For personal use, I have always been fond of Facebook. Really, that is more because it has a cleaner look. I know that it is not as customizable, however there is something to be said for easily usable sites.

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Somehow, I feel like anyone on Facebook over the age of 30 is the creepy guy wearing a raincoat near the playground. Am I being silly?

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Nah facebook is definitely a younger type of social network.. mainly cause it started as a college social network

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I use facebook in my job in the alumni office of a university. It’s the way to keep in touch with young alumni. We’re looking to implement Affinity Circles, which is an authenticated version of facebook that hopefully will avoid the silliness that creeps in to facebook.

One thing that has completely fallen apart with facebook is the plethora of applications. The site was much easier to navigate and more useful for connecting with people before they went to the widget model. Now it risks becoming just like myspace: entirely unappealing visually and too silly for serious networking.

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