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Can anyone explain a text message from the future?

Asked by Baloo72 (702points) February 8th, 2009

My friend received a text message that was blank (it was from a number in his area code) that was timestamped with the correct time, month, and day but the year said 2012. Does anyone have any idea how this could happen?

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It’s the Mayans warning you of the end of their calendar.

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don’t tell me the date was 12th Dec, or 21st Dec..please.

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Send SASE with large check and I will be happy to explain. (Also type 2012 into the Fluther search engine. Surprise!)

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No, it wasn’t December 12th or 21st. I don’t remember the exact date, but it wasn’t a weird “end of the world” date or anything (other than the year).

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@steve6 hahh..perhaps..
@Baloo72 Actually, I’ve had something similar happened to me. last year. I won’t give the details.
I tried to explore some kind of plausible answer, considering both the probability of coincidence / electronic calculation error and some sort of crafty mischief someone or something could have concocted…

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@Anatelostaxus I was hoping for crafty mischief so that I might do something similar. . .

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though, even if we may laugh now, something is happening as of now

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viral marketing for 2012, the movie

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@TaoSan: Beat me to it. :)

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froooooooooom….....tuut tuut ;)

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a simple error from the sending phone which didn’t sync its date and had the wrong year on it

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There is a secret conspiracy (well, maybe not so secret) from the world in 2012, in which researchers are testing a time machine. Their goal, of course, is to arrive at the grassy knoll, but for somereason, they keep coming to 2009. They have been investigating this problem, and that is why you are getting text messages from the future. Apparantly, you have been identified as the blockage. Can you think of any reason why this might be?

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i just received a text like this a few minutes ago. I called the number and it went to a man’s voice mail. I’ve received texts like this before. and they’re always dated 12/8/19 or 12/9/18 at either 3:59 or 4:59 PM. the number is my area code but it’s seriously freaking me out because i have never called or texted this number and I have no clue why they would have mine.

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Or possibly


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I agree with TaoSan….it’s viral marketing for the (awful soon to be blown out of proportion fear mongering) movie “2012”. <sigh>

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I received on recently dated 2058. THe right date, time, wrong year. Strange.

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i got a text message from december 7, 2019 while on a spring break feild trip in new york city. It was a blank text and i didnt know the number. the next day my phone was acting up and when i turned off my phone and turned it back on everything was deleted, including the text. It was from a number that i did not know, i remember that it had an extra digit. it was 1–910-901–04??0. that is all i remember from it. I tried changing the date on texts and it did not work. other people have been getting texts “from the future” as well, with the same “901” number and they were blank texts. Is there some kind of connection between the people though, not the texts?

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I have one dated fri,june 19, 2020 time was 7:18
I recieved it around 1:30 a.m. and on 10/29/10
I tried to text it back but said it was invalid number
every thing ive read has had the area code from the place you live
I called and said there wwas no phone number.

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I got a txt that was blank and the date on it was May 7th, 2020 1:04 AM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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