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Once i move itunes from my c drive to my external hard drive, can i then erase it from my c drive to save memory on my pc?

Asked by janney05 (60points) February 10th, 2009

my pc runs slow b/c of the music on itunes and will not let me store more than 4500 songs on it.

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just moving iTunes does not necessarily move your iTunes library. You have to make sure you do that as well.

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right. I did that. My question is, moving forward, how can I make the itunes program run independantly of my c drive, strictly from my external hard drive, therefore increasing the amount of available memory to store music files? thanks for the response.

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The itunes program will not work if you just move it. You can re-install it and set the install directory to your external drive if you want. However, performance will be hit. A better solution would be to leave the itunes app itself on the computer and just have the music, videos and podcasts etc. on the external drive.

If you want multiple computers to be able run iTunes off the external drive then this is not possible. You can get iTunes server to run on a NAS or server but you will still need an itunes client on the computer or device playing the music.

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Leave the application where it is and just move your library. Copy the contents of My Music/iTunes/ to an external drive and then change the library location in iTunes preferences.

This is a common misconception: your Word files are not stored in Word and your iTunes music is not stored in iTunes.

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