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What clique did you belong to in high school?

Asked by Aethelwine (42961points) February 10th, 2009 from iPhone

As much as we hated them, we all belonged to one. Where did you fit in in high school?

I was a bit of a skate betty myself.

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I wouldn’t say we all belonged to one. I didn’t belong to any one clique in particular.. I get along well with all different kinds of people, so I was a floater. I hung out with all groups at different times. :P

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the outcasts. I didn’t fit in with the ultra-geeks, nor with the popular kids. Not the band, or the athletes. Not the druggies, nor the neo-hippies.

I was the leftovers. :-)

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The outcast due to my accent/nationality

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I was one of the odds and ends crowd. My crew was filled with the kids who might fit in with other groups but just hung out with each other instead. We had goths, nerds (the category I fell neatly into), skaters, jocks etc. Like I said, I was also a nerd (still am, in fact) so i hung out with some nerdy crowds, but mostly it was the odds and ends group for me.

Damn you MrItty, you got there before me! :P

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@AlenaD I agree. I was a floater too, but I think that we all may have fit in more with one over the other, maybe just a little.

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I too was a floater.

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I was in the Air Force JROTC program in high school. That was my small crowd.

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I was just there… by force :s

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I was a floater, as well. But the people I associated the most with I suppose would make me a “Theatre geek”.

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My school didn’t really have cliques. There were the popular kids, and then there was everyone else.

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My own clique, which is to say not a clique but an assortment of people who chose to not be in a clique at all. Often we played cards with the wisest man I’ve ever known in my life. To say he was a teacher is a disgrace. He was a wandering spirit who happened to step in the shoes of sage guide aka math/life teacher. I know it sounds weird, but what can I say.

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The best group to be in is where you are friends with alot of ppl from different cliques. Thats the best way to have fun and to get along with many dif kinds of ppl!

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I was a floater as well. I played a lot of sports, so I was friends with the jocks. Although in my school you were just as popular and cool if you played sports as if you were into music(top 12 music school in the country) so i was also in the marching and concert band, and hung out with a bunch of them. The smart group as well. I had friends from elementary school that filtered out into their own groups and many spilled into different ones like mine.
There is only one high school growing up in my town, one middle school and 4 elementary schools. So you’ve known each other growing up through functions inside school as well as outside school for a long time.

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@blondie411 When I was in school, the band members were definitely considered nerds, unfortunately. I’m so glad that it is different now. My sons are/were in band and they are respected for it.

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I played two sports in high school so I was accepted by the jocks. I was in the drama club and sung in the choir so I was accepted by the musicians and the freaks liked me because I knew all of the hard rock bands. I was an A student so I got a long with the nerds. I was a big fish in a little pond. Trouble is when I left home I became a small fish in a huge pond.

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I can’t believe I’m the first one to list this group! I hung with the stoners, or as they were called in suburban Los Angeles in the early 80’s, “The Loadies”.

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@SuperMouse I floated with the stoners now and then. ;)

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My school is frakin’ huge, with over 3,000 students enrolled, and so it is perfectly possible to belong to a clique without even noticing it. I am a card-carrying member of the brainy math and science nerd set, which tends to addend itself to the humanities people, which flows seamlessly into the theatre group, which coopts sections of the counterculture bunch…so by the time you get to a group with which there is essentially no crossover, you have already included enough people that it is easy to forget that there even are any other people. In gym class, where stratification by academic acheivement is eliminated, I am always surprised at how many people I have never seen before, even in passing in the hallways. The upside of this is that there is no stygma to being a nerd, and there is considerable diversity within the set of nerds, from people who are almost jocks to people who live for mathematics and fantasy novels. The downside to this is of course that I have very little contact with people who are not at least reasonably successful academically, and so there is a whole other world of student experience of which I am fairly ignorant and therefore fairly prone to prejudice.

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I was a free floater! Like something in front of an eyeball!

I knew and was friendly with people in every clique at both my high schools (well, except the gang kids at the first one), but it was well known that I couldn’t take too many phone calls, be invited to parties or asked out on dates after a few calls to my house were intercepted and my schoolmates were harangued by my paranoid Pentecostal auntie (boy, stories about crazy relatives will get around FAST in a high school, eh?). She’d pick up the extension and tell them to stop calling and then tell me that she was only protecting me from getting pregnant and falling in with bad kids. o_O I only realized recently that she may have been envious.

I went out for sports and extracurriculars not to get into college, but to have social contact with people my own age. The kids on my block and the kids from the church I had to go to were on too different of wavelengths with me to be friends with.

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I, too, was a floater. I did a lot of theater, was definitely a brainy teenager, but had friends with the jocks from doing sports early on and I dated a cheerleader.

I think part of it was that I really didn’t participate in the social posturing in high school of “popularity”. Not because I was “above” it, though… I was just completely oblivious.

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The stoners…

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I was known for my excessive use of marijuana and other things so I hung out with the bad kids your parents tried to keep you away from. I only attended public high school for less than a year and it was very big but I still managed to know all kinds of people.

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I was anti-popularity but was a total nerd with a wide range of interests and fascination with people, so I maintained some close friends but then also floated among the other cliques to learn what I could from them.

I was really into photography, so I spent a lot of time doing yearbook and hanging out in the darkroom. On one end, I had a lot of male friends who were hardcore D&Ders. On the other was a close male friend (who ultimately had reassigment surgery) who I used to listen to tons of music with. We’d write and act out our own homegrown plays, and then we’d practice our runway walk in full GLAM.

My closest friends were the weird girls with artistic talent. We had sophisticated tastes, alcoholic parents, horrible family lives and learned early on how to work the transportation system. We were professional school skippers. We’d bail on our PEG and AP classes to take a bus to Vermont and bum around old antique stores and book shops. Or, we’d just take off and go the city for the day and hit some museums. We were suspended a few times but we always pulled through with good grades at the last minute. My random antics and penchant for pulling large-scale pranks earned me the Class Clown honor when I graduated.

The rest of my high school ‘clique’ activity was with the octogenarians at the local hospital. I worked there as a patient observer and would spend hours sitting with them and talking about life. Ultimately, I’m happy with who I was in high school, and even now as I look around at how I interact socially, not much has changed.

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@figbash Hello to my fellow photographer for the yearbook and constant skipper of school!
I spent many hours myself in the darkroom. :)

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