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Did you ever have an itch you could not scratch enough?

Asked by wundayatta (58663points) February 10th, 2009

What did you do? I’ve heard there’s this disease where people can’t stop scratching. They scratch in their sleep and have to be physically constrained or they could actually scratch a hole right thought their skull!

I hope no one has ever itched like that. Still, what was your worst itch? How much did you scratch it? How did you stop?

I’m trusting there will be some excellent snarkiness as well as seriously disturbing answers!

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This sounds like a question for a sex addict.

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<insert excellent snarkiness here>

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@Spargett In some ways, it is like scratching a really annoying itch.

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I got athlete’s foot when I was a lot younger and I think that was the most I ever scratched at any itch I’ve ever had. Not fun.

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no snarkiness
its one of the saddest things ever, but my mom has some kind of serious problem where she scratches all the time until she bleeds and it makes this aweful sound because she has long nails. she has lots of fresh scars all over her body, but i still think she is one of the most beautiful women ever.

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When I was about 22 years old, I used to have terrible itching that I would scratch until the skin broke and bled somewhat. It was always on my forearms and hands and I think the culprit was mostly dry skin although I never knew for sure because I never saw a doctor or dermatologist for my condition.

I tried lotions, benadryl, Gold Bond and none of it worked. I would start out using my fingernails to scratch and then I’d use combs and brushes and scratch my skin with them. The only thing I found that worked after everything else was ineffective was that I would rub ice cubes over my arms and hands until my skin went numb and the itching stopped.

It’s really weird too that these symptoms only lasted for a couple of years and I’ve never had any major itching problems since then and it is now 18 years later.

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I had broken my leg, had a cast from my toes to my groin. My leg itched often, and I could not get to it.

I put medicated baby powder in the tube of the vacuum cleaner, switched to blow, and stuck the end inside the cast. When it started blowing, it blew the powder down the cast, (which helped) and out the toe, and all over the room.

no plan is perfect

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I am allergic to mosquito bites and the itching used to be so bad that I would scratch in my sleep and wake up with blood stains all over the sheets. I get a similar response on my hands and face when cleaning areas that have had mice or rats living in them. I recently had an allergic reaction to Crocs that produced the same level of itching on my feet. Ice water helped some but I also used huge amounts of benedryl and topical anesthetics. I also have psoraisis which can itch the same way.

I have scars on many parts of me from my itching misadventures. Itching that much is almost a fate worse than death. Almost but not quite.

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@DrBill – Lurve for ingeniousness!

My itch, well, more of a jones, really, is for cheese. I must have access to cheese at all times. Seriously, don’t move (or eat) my cheese. My intricately-carved backscratcher is for the other itches.

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Did I mention it was difficult to breathe for a while…

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I have super sensitive skin and am driven nearly crazy by itchiness daily. Like Darwin, I frequently scratch ‘til my skin is raw and bleeding. Most often that happens around my ankles, from rubbing them in my sleep.

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i live in tropical country so i get mosquito bite very often. I would scratch and scratch until the wound on the skin gets bigger and the protective layer given by the mosquito to stop the bleeding broke.

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Any time I’ve had poison ivy.

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I get shingles on my arm every three months or so. It is one of the worst itchy feelings a person can ever get when it comes to itching.

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Oohhhh. shingles. Don’t say the word! I got that several years ago. I’d been to a meeting at an elementary school in the lunchroom & I think I picked up the chicken pox virus there from sitting at the table. Anyway, I got it up under my boobs. I tried every cream known to man. I showed it to my best friend & she told me what I had. I went to the doctor & got the real stuff to treat it. The itching was horrible. I just wanted to dig, but I didn’t dare on account of breaking the blisters & spreading it even worse. They say shingles are painful. Mine weren’t. For me it was the itching. And having it there, I couldn’t wear a bra for WEEKS, & that was hard. I had to be choosey on what I wore to work. That was hard, too. I wore a camisole & had to wear loose fitting tops. It was one of the most miserable things I’ve ever been through. Thank God, it’s never come back. I sympathize with anyone who has terrible itching. It can all but drive you insane.

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@jbfletcherfan It is terrible! I got it at a young age (20). I’ve dealt with it for 18yrs now. The itch is worse than the pain for me. If I would remember to take my medication to keep it in check, I wouldn’t get it as often as I do.

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@jonsblond Oh, bless your heart! I feel for you. Geez, get those meds in your system, my dear.

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no but it’s worse when u have an itch you can’t find!!! i always get that on my hand or fingers and i scratch everywhere but can’t FIND it!!! where can it be if it’s not where i feel it!?!?! lol

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Ugh. Shingles sucks! I had the very painful variety, all over the right side of my torso. I sincerely hope it never returns.

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A demanding itch on the bottom of my right foot while driving. Infrequent, but incredibly annoying.

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I have a syndrome called Latex-Fruit Syndrome, and I have had it two times. It is a terrible itch I tell ya, and it was on my arms, groin, neck, face, and lower thighs.

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@90s_kid – I never heard of that syndrome before. And yes, I know folks have written papers on it, which to me only goes to show that you can get almost anything published as long as you cite your sources, have a control, and show a large enough sample size.

Why does it have to be a specific syndrome? After all, if you are allergic to some things your tendency to become allergic to others is very high already. I was allergic to a few things when I was little, more when I was in my twenties, and even more in my thirties. I started with skin rashes, moved into asthma, and now I’m back to skin rashes again.

Several different things give me that whole body itch and rash, including mangos, cashews, mice, certain air fresheners and chlorine- and bromine-treated swimming pools.

Now I am also allergic to latex.

I suspect that the authors of such papers want to be remembered for “discovering” something like Zellweger syndrome ( or Prader-Willi syndrome (

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How am I suppose to know? I am 14!
Hi-five on the latex problems!

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@90s_kid – How am I to know whether you are a prodigy or not? I mean, look at Doogie Hauser (or not depending on when its reruns are airing).

And then there is :

In 2001 14-year-old prodigy Teimour Radjabov, who hails from the same town as Garry Kasparov (Baku), became the second-youngest grandmaster in history

14-year old prodigy replaces veteran in Portland Piano International concert.

14-year-old prodigy turns down Ivy League for HBCU.

He’s written five full-length symphonies, and he’s only 12 years old. He is now 14 and has written 5 symphonies.

And so on.

BTW the latex problems suck, but so do all the other allergies.

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when I had my measles..
and some allergic reaction inside me..
it was so irritating ang uncomfortable.

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