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Should I go for the "clean shave" look for a first date on Saturday?

Asked by tennesseejac (3778points) February 12th, 2009

Kind of crazy, but I have a first date with a girl on Valentines Day and I don’t like shaving on my days off, so I was thinking about just sporting my usual 3 day stubble.

Will this send the wrong impression? I plan on dressing kinda nice, but I wanted to give off a little bit of that casual vibe too.

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You’ve got it backwards. Dress down and shave (don’t forget your nose hair).

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By all means, shave! Don Johnson and Miami Vice notwithstanding, guys really do look better when they have shaved. In addition, your odds of getting an end-of-date kiss are much better without the scratchy stuff.

The casual vibe can come from leaving off the tie, or wearing blue jeans with your jacket.

In addition to shaving, make sure to bathe and all that good stuff. A girl likes to think you did a little extra just for her.

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Here’s the thing: You have mustache, right? You can’t get away with rocking grown-in facial hair and stubble, it just looks sloppy. If you had no facial hair, I’d say maybe. I’d say clean up the edges of the stubble (neck, upper cheeks, top of the stache).
I mean, how bad do you wanna wake up to that special alarm?

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my profile pic is about a month old, I am currently clean shaven (all over)

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In that case, I would say at least shave your neck and make some clean lines. Stubble is acceptable with definitive boundaries.

I would go with what makes you feel most comfortable. If you think the stubble looks better, keep it. If this is just pure laziness, then I don’t know. You also don’t want to give the poor bird a rash.

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@ejac, all over?

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It depends on how you look with 3 day stubble. Some guys look hot, manly, and rugged. Others look like they just didn’t feel like shaving, and that sends an “I’m lazy/this date wasn’t too important to me vibe.”

Good luck on your date!

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@steve6 yes, all over

@Likeradar thanks! I like to think I look more mature and the good kind of “rugged” because normally clean shaven I look like Im 18 (and im pushing 30)

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if you think it’ll go that far, go for the clean shaven look. she’ll appreciate it.

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@tennesseejac If you think you look better with stubble and will be more confident, go with the stubble for sure!
But like peedub said, do shave your neck and try not to get bumps. Hairy necks are icky, and that’s coming from a girl who definitley enjoys some stubble on a man.

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I’m into stubble, so I definitely support the dress nice, 3-day stubble thing. Totally hot in my opinion. But I’ve noticed a lot of girls aren’t much into stubble.

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@Likeradar thanks again, but I dont think guys have much choice with the “bumps”, luckily its not too bad for me.

@Ashpea9288 I hope she is like you because Im pretty sure Im going to just clean up the neck a bit and try to be “totally hot”

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@tennesseejac Yay! Love the guys who rock the stubble :)

Good luck with the date!

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If you can’t do the full beard… Shave!

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Just be careful not to cut your Adam’s apple. You don’t want to get apple juice all over the place.

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I like the “clean cut” stubble, but not during the serious makeout sessions

and I also like apple juice

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@BONZO I like making out with a stubbly guy. It feels so… manly.

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unless shes into the Paul Bunyan canadian jacket type I’d say def shave.

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As long as your look clean and presentable, groom your face in whatever way will make you feel your best, which means that you’re satisfied enough with how you look so it’s not even on your mind during the date.

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Shave, son. Mom speaking.

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Were you clean shaven or stubble-y when you asked her out and/or first met her? I’d go with whatever she’s likely to expect you to look like.

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lurve for “rocking the stub” !!

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Clean shave. It shows you care about your appearance.

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If it is a first date I would start off clean shaven later on you can experiment with the stubble look. That also depends on how you met her and what she is expecting you to look like shaven or stubble.

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From the girl who’s tired of saying, “Ow!” after kissing her boyfriend – please shave!!

Stubble can definitely look hot, but it can hurt too! And if you do get lucky and get a kiss, you want her to enjoy it, so she’ll keep coming back for more.

Best of luck and don’t forget to have fun tomorrow!! :-)

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If you think she’s a chick that would dig it, leave your stubble. Then again, most likely, even if she is.. I think she would notice it and not necessarily in a good way if for the first date you didn’t try to impress her and shave your 5’ o clock shadow off. It’s called being on your A-Game!

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If you don’t know how she will react to stubble, better not risk leaving her wishing you were clean-shaven. It could look like you’re trying to say you don’t give a crap. At least wait until next Saturday, at your place, with a razor close by.

If you’re clean-shaven, she will not be saying to herself, “Gee, I like this guy, but I sure wish he hadn’t shaved for three days.”

Also clean is your usual look, so obviously it has some meaning to you.

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