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I'm taking the GMAT next month: any advice?

Asked by EmpressPixie (14767points) February 13th, 2009

It is what it is. I’m taking the GMAT next month. Do you have any advice or study tips?

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They say those training courses, like Kaplan, can raise your score by at least 20 points, and usually more.

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No advice, but I’m sending my best wishes for your success!

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I have never taught the GMAT, but I was a Kaplan teacher for 3 years and have taught most of the other tests. I don’t know a lot of specifics about the GMAT format, and I know the data sufficiency questions are unique to it, so I can’t advise very well on those.

My general structure for test prep is:
1. Take a practice test BEFORE you do any studying. Use this to diagnose your strengths and weaknesses.
2. Create a study plan that begins by focusing on your weakest areas—but don’t neglect the things you’re already good at. Chances are, even in your strongest areas you’re not getting 100%. With enough practice, you can be.
3. As the test date approaches, revise your strategy to focus MORE on those things you’re already good at. This will nudge your score up and build your confidence.
4. Two weeks or so before the test, start taking practice tests as often as possible to build your endurance and practice your timing.

Beyond that, my general advice is: practice hard and keep a good attitude. People who say you can’t study for standardized tests are people who get shitty scores. Don’t listen to them.

If you want specific advice about question types (especially in the verbal section) I’d be more than happy to help out. Just let me know the question type and I’ll do what I can to advise.

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Thanks, Nikipedia!

I took a practice test last weekend and got a not-wonderful score. But my testing area also became a bit of a jumbled mess (the roommates started shouting across the apartment, they wanted me to eat, etc) so I’m fairly certain I can do better. Verbal is probably my best area for improvement, so I might have some questions for you later.

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no advice, as i’ve never taken any test like that but..
Good luck!

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I believe it’s too late for a pre-study course to help improve your score, but here are some tips to improve your chances on test day.

Get a good night’s sleep the night before test day. Eat a good breakfast before school, but not too much. Take with a snack for between the testing time.

Eat so-called ‘brain food’; bananas, rice, lots of water, a couple of tablespoon full of flax seed, orange juice, yogurt sprinkled with rosemary and ginger

Dress in layers on the day of the Stanford Achievement Test. It’s easier to take off a sweatshirt or put on a sweater than to focus on the test when you are cold or hot.

Before the test, sit in a comfortable place (bring your own cushion if necessary) and do some deep breathing exercises.

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Thanks guys, I actually ended up taking it at the beginning of last month. Did just fine. But keep leaving advice for future GMAT-ers!

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