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Any advice for making the most out of my last few days of high school?

Asked by ZoeDecker (151points) May 15th, 2015 from iPhone

I want to end high school on a positive note.

Is there anything you regret not doing before your last day of high school?

what are some advice or tips you have for me before I leave high school forever?

Should I get people’s numbers even if I didnt really talk to them in high school?

My last day of high school is next Wednesday. I’ll have finals all day as well as finals all day on Tuesday.

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Plan a reunion before everyone loses contact with each other. Ask the hot girl /boy our before you never see each other. Also see your high school guidence counselor and take all of the career tests while they are free. Also get at least 3 character references from your teachers.

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@talljasperman should I get the cell phone numbers of the people I didn’t really talk to in high school? Or is that awkward because I kind of feel like it would be.

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Yes. I was lonely in my first year out of school. Also I raised my marks in summer school. Also you can thank your teachers.

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collect all your friends and throw all your notes, and exercise books onto a big pile and burn it all in celebration.

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Yes, get numbers and contact details. I regret not having taken photos of commonly used classrooms, teachers, schoolgrounds, the whole class together. I would also have loved each classmate to have written a message in a diary with their photo next to it. Good luck! Those were the days!

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@ZEPHYRA hopefully I’ll get some people to sign my yearbook and I’ll ask for their numbers then.

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Congratulations on graduation!
Go speak to that student that everyone ignores or makes fun of. Be genuine in your conversation. It could really make their day.

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@chyna thank you so much and I’ll be sure to try to talk to everyone I’ve wanted to talk to. Do you think I should try yto get the numbers of the people I didn’t really talk to in high school or is that weird?

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I think you should try to get their numbers. Maybe as they are signing your yearbook ask them to put their number in your book also. It won’t seem weird because those last few days are crazy sentimental days. The girls will be crying and hugging and some of the guys will be too.

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Start fucking everything that moves. Just be sure to take the necessary precautions.

if you think i’m kidding about this then please flag/remove. for the record, i am serious and this advice applies to both males and females.

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I would think with social media today staying in touch is easier than ever. I wouldn’t stress about any if it, because finding people is easier than ever.

Are you going to go to college? Live in campus? If so, most of your high school friends you probably won’t stay in much touch with, except maybe some of your closest friends.

Unless you are one of those “high school” people who loves school and is in a few clubs, but then you probably have the phone numbers of all the people in the clubs already.

Maybe I’m overly negative, but high school quickly becomes a thing of the past for most people I think.

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I guess I was the only one called “faggot” and beat up in high school. I ran as fast and far from the idiots as I could.

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How about creating a Facebook group for your class? I did this about five years ago (we graduated in ‘81), and now have 115 members out of ~250 classmates. Two of them were our teachers. It’s been an awesome way for us to stay in touch over classmate news vs. ‘friending’ them or collecting phone numbers of people we are unlikely to call or text.

Best of luck on the exams! What is next for you?

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@Pied_Pfeffer Boston College in the fall!

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