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Have you ever used a Magic Bullet?

Asked by miasmom (3490points) February 16th, 2009 from iPhone

I’m thinking about purchasing one, but am curious if the collective has any thoughts on whether or not it is worth it?

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We bought one two Christmases ago and even used it, ONCE.

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Never used one. Can’t say I’ve ever been in that much of a hurry.

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We have one and have had it for over two years. It works fairly good. We don’t use it that often.. Mostly to grate hard cheeses.

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I picked one up at a yard sale. It’s an effective blender for smoothies and milkshakes and such, and has a motor as powerful as a racehorse. I haven’t tested the claims that it can whip cream, grate cheese, etc, but i’m very skeptical. I’d say you’re better off investing in a normal blender than in this gadget. (Unless you can get it for $10 at a yard sale, like I did).

Cooks Illustrated doesn’t like this blender, by the way. It only has one speed, and that speed is FAST (and loud), so it’s hard to do anything with any precision. It’s also a little clumsy and hard to clean.

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I use it for Milkshakes and Salsas.

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I love it, as well. It’s great for making salsa and sauces. I also use it to make mixed drinks.

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No point, JFK is already dead.

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Of course I have! How ELSE you gonna kill the Wolfman?

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i have one and i love it. i make a lot of smoothies. (:

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Nope. So they work, eh? Cool. I would love to make my own guac in a less messy fashion.

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My god! When I first read the question I thought you were referring to the small bullet-like vibrator than can be attached to some sex toys (specifically cock rings), so the first couple answers actually made sense, but then I was thrown off by “Mostly to grate hard cheeses”!!!!!!!
(that’s what I get for reading the question details, but not the topics!!!)

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@tb1570 never heard of that, I would have clarified my question more if I knew there was such a thing!

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@tb1570 haha, honestly, so did I.

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@tb1570 Me too- till the mention of grating cheese…

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My brother in law called while I was buying my magic bullet ( the chopper) he asked what I was doing. I said I was in the store buying my magic bullet. I went on and on saying how I was excited to get home and try it out . I had never heard about the magic bullet vibrator. Months later I found out that he thought I was buying the vibrator one. I was so embarrassed!

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I have used it. I got it for free from a friend who bought one and got one for a free gift. For free it’s not bad. I don’t know if I would pay for it, unless it was cheap. It is loud, but it does it’s job.

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