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What do you like most about your friend?

Asked by Hinata_88 (98points) February 18th, 2009

They help out, make you laugh, share secrets, and ect.

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They take care of me when I need it, especially when I’m drunk. They are dependable. They make me laugh and listen to me talk about all my shit for hours on end.

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They answer all of my questions that I ask whenever I need them to be answered. . . oh wait

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We never get mad at each other. We just don’t. It’s a great agreement.

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They drink with me and introduce me to new things. Like drinking. But also like Rock Band and Guitar Hero. I went from being one of those “How is that fun??” people to “OMG SO FUN”. They helped me move, they keep me company. They kind of rock.

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They worry about me when I’m feeling down and listen to me whine. They watch awesome movies with me and make grocery shopping and studying fun. They make me laugh. I have good people.

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they love me and always make me laugh and always are there for me
plus they make me feel great about myself!

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My friends are very special to me and I like them so much because they are:

- honest
– loyal
– there for me when I need them
– compassionate
– understanding
– funny, yet serious when necessary
– non-judgemental
– kind
– good listeners

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Silly talk, serious talk, going to the ends of the earth for each other.

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She’s so daring, my BFF! She does and says things I couldn’t imagine doing or saying in a million years, yet she’s not mean. She encourages me to be more daring.

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I can connect with them.

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He adores me and is extremely loyal. He has always stood by me, even when it meant making some hard choices.

He is extremely honest (including telling me hard truths about myself).

He is intelligent and we can have some interesting conversations, especially about things we disagree on.

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real unconditional love

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We can go months without talking, but when we do, it seems like it was just yesterday when we last spoke.

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we are SO alike that we can just pick up the phone and say hello and the other can KNOW that something is wrong automatically.
we are just in tune to eachother
we have the same (strange) likes
we have the same sense of humor
we are the same person basically.

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he’s a kindred spirit

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I like that my friend is active and high spirited. It comes in handy lol.

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My friends are always people who make me laugh and are able to stop me and get me to self reflect on occasion. I don’t like to collect the yes people around me and I’m a strong personality so that demands my friends be direct and tough also. Sissies and the faint of heart need not apply.

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