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Flutherization: Do you ever imagine where your Fluther conversation is taking place?

Asked by steelmarket (3598points) February 19th, 2009

Sometimes I visualize the group as lounging around in a living room, shooting the bull. Other times, we are all in deck chairs on a cruise ship. And other times…..

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I imagine us all stranded on an island.

sometimes there is this invisible smoke monster that likes to stir things up

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Sitting at our desks, or walking around with our iPhones, typing, typing, typing. Fluther could happen in no other way. It would be pandemonium and noise if we had to do this aurally. I mean, here, no one has to wait their turn. Imagine trying to do this in person? Ack! Cacophony!

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Cacophony is one of my favorite words! But not one of my favorite things IRL. I do sometimes imagine we’re in a bar, like a laid-back neighborhood pub. Some of us are playing pool, some darts. Some are sitting packed in a booth, others at tables nearby and others are hanging at the bar. People drift from one area to another, in and out of multiple conversations. Sometimes, someone over at the pool table (usually AstroChuck) will shout something over to the booth people, and the whole bar laughs.

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If it’s not a bar in a non-smoking state or city, I won’t be able to be there. What’s the deal in Baltimore?

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Pretty sure Maryland bars are all non-smoking now. Not positive though. Which also means a certain number of us will be huddling outside periodically :)

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I see us all sitting around a table in a huge dining hall eating some sort of a feast.

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@augustlan: Hey! It’s a fantasy. The weather can be whatever you want! You only have to huddle if you want to!

Isn’t huddle a weird word? Say a few times in a row.

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i don’t know! i know i must imagine it, but when i try to think “where in the world is fluther?” it just doesn’t come to me. i know that now my aim for every post will be to come up with a super creative place.
antarctica? a jungle? gilligan’s island? underwater?
the possibilities are absolutely endless.

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Huddle, huddle, huddle.
Yep. It’s weird :)

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Dualism: On the one hand, all we consist of are our avatars and text on a screen. But on the other, we are a family of jellyfish swimming through the warm waters of our home reef.

And now I’m going to go make a sandwich. I’m a physical person with an existence outside the confines of this website. God, computers are weird.

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I like you, Pete. Well put.

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Lounging in a living room, definitely. For the Campfire thing, a big campfire and we all have cups of soda. Haha

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