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Jewish Deli in Santa Monica, CA?

Asked by NJRFilms (4points) October 13th, 2007

Is there a good Jewish style deli in Santa Monica?

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Canter’s, in Los Angeles, is fantastic.

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canters is pretty far from Santa monica.

You could try bay cities on lincoln, it’s more italian style heroes but they’re the best sandwiches in los angeles

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Please ignore the goyish response. Canter's is the real deal. Go to Canter's.

If you insist on staying within Santa Monica, you could go to Izzy's, which is okay, but it's no Canter's.

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Please ignore the San Franciscan response. While they have a good mish-mosh soup and a good pastrami on rye, the only real reason to choose Canters is if you’re up at 3 in the morning, you’re seeing a show at the Kibitz Room, or you have a real affinity for 60’s era lighting and ambience—even if you live next door to it like I do.

Nate’n’Al’s is a better “authentic” Jewish Deli.

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Oh! And Langers is supposed to be very good as well, but it’s downtown.

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Langer’s is indeed very good, but farther from Santa Monica.

Andrew, the fact that you live next to Canter’s, yet don’t appreciate its greatness is sad. Just sad.

I was there last weekend and I can still taste the pickles. Delicious.

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for a real Jewish deli- Izzy’s is great. I love their turkey sandwich on rye or matzo ball soup. If you want a non-Jewish great deli counter, I also recommend Vicente Foods, which is a supermarket on the edge of Brentwood- on San Vicente. They make great sandwiches.

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Brents Deli is by far but the most delicious. 5 kinds of mustard?
Langers has the most street cred for pastrami.
Canters is best for 3am on saturday, Nate n Als is best for 1 pm, sunday.

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