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What do you know about Muhammad Ali?

Asked by LouisianaGirl (1144points) February 20th, 2009

I have searched and searched but I have a school computer and everything that involves sports is blocked.

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That he floats like a butterfly and stings like a bee.

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Does your school have encyclopedias? Or maybe you could go to the public library and look it up. They have computers, too.

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@onesecondregrets hahahaha i get it cuz his little phrase he made up very funny!!!!!

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But you have time to fluther?

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yea cuz im not at skewl and she said that it has 2 b frum tha internet to show how r macs r useful

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The Internet also works on PCs from what I hear.
Good luck with your report.

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@LouisianaGirl…I’m glad you got a kick out of it. :).

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He had his own song….

And he still has a great sense of humor

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@dog he has his own song and yea he is fun

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Birth name was Cassius Clay. He became a Black Muslim and changed his name. Golden Gloves champion and Olympic champion. He has like a seven foot arm spread and was relatively tall for a heavy weight. A great advantage. He had very fast feet and swing speed. He was one of the first to use the media in self promoting. Also Don King his manager was a promotion genious. He was an unorthodox fighter, in that he let his opponent, on more than occasion, wear himself out taking punches that he blocked.

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@kelly I knew the beginning but thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with me I really am thankful

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in my bibliography i will say i also got information from my friends on fluther

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I remember hearing his first Championship Match against Sonny Liston on the radio. He was known as Cassius Clay then. I also remember that one of the reasons he stated for changing his name is that his last name had been passed down from his slave ancestors and was actually the name of the slave owner from way back then.

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@Yetanotheruser omg thank you soooooooo much I didin`t know that I am definatly getting a 100% on my black history month project

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He also had 3 white mistresses. He raised dogs to fight and that is where Michael Vick got the idea.

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Greatest fighter of the 20th Century. Also one of the more controversial figures. I have always admired him as a man who stood up for his beliefs, against great cost.

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@chyna omg thank you sooo much see you cant find any of that info on our macs because its all blocked i am so glad that their are good hearted people here on fluther

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@IchtheosaurusRex thank u also i see him as that kind of person too

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How can your teacher expect you to do a report on a sports figure if all the sports info is blocked?

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He has an advanced case of Parkinson’s (info on that won’t be blocked) – probably caused by too many left hooks to his brains. (Speaking of brains, consider skipping the textspeak here, please.)

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@LouisianaGirl I made that stuff up! It is just to show you that you should NOT write a paper that will be graded from unknown sources.

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@elijahsuicide exactly but I got assigned Muhammad Ali and that is not a bad thing at all.

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@chyna thats why i am trying to find out if all of this info is correct

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Just be careful of things you cannot check out to a reliable source. I don’t want you to get a bad grade.

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@chyna thank you for caring

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I finally figured out how to use this feature! ha ha!!

My brother saw him on a plane about ten years ago, and he was in pretty bad shape. He could barely hold his head up and was unable to speak. It was pretty sad.

This link might be helpful for you.

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@scamp I love that feature. You will have to explain to me how to use it.

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He received a lot of bad press and lost a lot of support because he became a conscientious objector refused to be inducted into military service. That aside he was an amazing boxer. The aussie Anthony Mundine is similar to him but not nearly as good.

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@rooeytoo yes yes that is all true

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Try this page. It’s a link to Wikipedia which contains a lot of information. It has a lot of links which support the data, I recommend you go to those pages and source the information directly.

Just as a sidenote, your teacher may not consider Fluther or Wikipedia to be valid internet sources. Fluther’s information, as is Wikipedia’s and a lot of the internet in general, is not guaranteed to be correct or not. Sometimes people lie just for the fun of it, and if you don’t know it’s a lie, you may actually repeat something such as “Muhammed Ali once bit the head off a bat in the ring”.

Try his official website for information. That would be a great information source.

But really, for the best info, you should go to a library. Ask the librarian for help, they’re there to help you find the books you need. Libraries are the best information source when making high quality and true presentations, simply because information on the internet is just as likely to be false as it is to be true, whereas this is not the same in a library. Good luck on your presentation.

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@dynamicduo thank you soooo much

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