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What do you use to clean your aluminum MacBook Pro?

Asked by TaoSan (7103points) February 21st, 2009

This thing is driving me nuts, or maybe the other way around?
What could one use to give the aluminum case that squeaky-clean new look.

I tend to smudge all over it, and when I write a lot, I sweat over that smudge because the surface gets so hot after a while.

Slightly soapy water leaves that weird residue, so does Windex, some other stuff I tried left different shades of white all over. So what do you use to clean that thing?

The previous model with the silver keys I might add.

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I don’t have a macbook pro, but I have a dell xps m1530 and that has a brushed aluminum keyboard…. I use a very slightly damp microfiber cloth to clean it and that seems to work.

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You have no idea how “gunky” I am ;)

I need “industrial” strength

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Hmm, i’m surprised no one has suggested anything else. Maybe you can call up Apple and see what they would recommend to use.

I was searching around for keyboard covers, but they only cover the keys, why is that? I would figure they would have ones that could cover the entire keyboard.

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Alcohol wipes will be your best bet. When I worked at an Apple Store we used some special computer wipes that had alcohol rubbing wipes and then another little packet with a sheet to dry it off with. It’s what I used to clean up the computers and iPods that we were selling as used, and it always made them look almost brand new. Unfortunately I can’t remember the name of the stuff… It came in a silver box with red and black… It’s really expensive though, like $50 a box or so. Any cheaper alcohol wipe should work pretty well also.

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Thanks you both. I’ll run by the store this afternoon and see what they got.


I tried some cheap alcohol wipes before, and they leave a residue for a day or so. Let’s if I can get the “original” stuff you mentioned.


No thanks, Darwin says PC is over.

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They don’t actually sell those wipes at the store though, it was special stuff we ordered from some supplier just for the back room. Wish I could remember what it was called. Maybe you could just ask one of the Genii if they still use something like that. I think the little drying pad is the key, as it leaves no residue.

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@TaoSan oh, see now it all makes sense when you explain your joke like that .. o.O zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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Nobody said evolution is friendly ;)

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Seriously. Dampen a paper towel. Wipe. Dry with a soft all cotton cloth, like a washcloth.


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I haven’t tried alcohol wipes on the outside, but i know they work really good for the keyboards

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