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Inner Earth or Outer Space- which would you prefer to explore?

Asked by Dog (25056points) February 21st, 2009

While I am attracted to the idea of exploring space I really love the lure of caves and the artifacts that might be found along with the beautiful formations and lakes.

If given a choice would you choose to explore outer space or in caves?

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Inner space. It feels almost as infinite, and a bit more reasonable to reach.

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I think Spelunking (cave exploring) would be fascinating but there would come a time when you couldn’t go any farther (deeper) because it would get too hot since you’re continually working toward a molten core.

As far as outer space is concerned, it is virtually limitless and mankind knows very little about any of it. Exploration and tons of it are the key but unfortunately we are severely hampered right now by the lack of a dependable and realistic space vehicle that could work well in this scenario.

Regarding both choices and all things being considered, it seems there are more opportunities for greater success in inner space as opposed to outer space at the present time.

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At the current position of technology, maybe inner space would be more accessible. Outer space is still beyond our reach in some respects. So is inner space for that matter. Now what was your question?

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For some odd reason I think I would be too afraid to go to inner-space, outer space just seems safer. That sounds strange even to me and I honestly don’t know why I feel that way, but I do.

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Outer space, baby! Beam me up!

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I second the spelunking idea. Has anyone here ever heard of La Lechuguilla?

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I would be too afraid to go to inner space. Outerspace looks really cool and I would definitely like to see it for myself.

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Space with out a doubt.

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The earth. Let the aliens find us.

I have a coffee table book about all of these amazing sea creatures that no one knows about. They all make their own light using chemicals in their bodies because they’re so deep that they don’t get light from the sun. It is said that we know more about the moon than we know about the oceans.

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@Foolaholic. Le Lechuguilla sounds pretty amazing and check out these pictures of a new cave system recently found in Mexico with giant crystals. I found out about it in National Geographic magazine.


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I’ve seen the second one on your list there, and those are absolutely amazing. Also, Planet Earth devotes a large section of their episode on caves to La Lechuguilla. Definitely worth taking a look.

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Outer space. I would like to get as close to a star as possible.

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@aprilsimnel You just about are every winter.

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Seriously? I can’t get closer? :(

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@Bluefreedom I just added that crystal cave to my bucket list! Incredible!

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@Dog. I’d love to see it too. The article I read about it says that they have to do a lot of mapping in the cave system and protecting a lot of fragile crystals and after that, they’re going to open it up to limited tourist visits.

You know the first thing I thought of when I saw the pictures of the cave? The Fortress of Solitude from the Superman movies.

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@BlueFreedom- wow- you are right it does look like the Fortress. My first thought was they the man was photoshopped in. I guess I am too skeptical

It really is incredible.

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