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Do you like the band Coldplay?

Asked by Elumas (3170points) February 21st, 2009

It seems the fans versus non-fans ratio is pretty much split down the middle.

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They’re cool except for the massacre of the Sgt. peppers uniforms.

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NO. I think they have a few catchy tunes, but Chris Martin is so goddamn full of himself that I can’t take them seriously. Coldplay is like intro to indie, that kinda faux alternative that will still sell out to iTunes, even though they don’t need the exposure that those ads have given some up and coming artists. There’s a Mikrofisch song called “The Kids Are All Shite” in which they lament about cheap indie knockoff bands, and Coldplay is the first one they mention (followed by Keane, Kaiser Chiefs, Kasabian, Jet, Razorlight, Kings of Leon, and the Dead Sixties, if that gives you any indication of the general grouping they’ve put Coldplay in…). I couldn’t agree more. And yeah, the Sgt. Pepper ripoff costumes need to go.

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I LURVE THEM! I know that most of their songs don’t really make any sense (I drew a line, I drew a line for you, oh what a thing to do, and it was all, yellow) but I love them! I also like that they appeared in Shaun of the Dead talking about their new charity, zombaid, that was terrific.

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I like them, I don’t love them though.

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Yes, I love them. I love the piano, I love the guitar, and nothing beats the sweet sound of Chris Martin’s voice. It’s great mellow down music. Whether you’re just chilling, driving, smoking, or getting ready to hit the sheets, it’s greatness.

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Meh… I can listen to a few songs, but dislike them overall.

Actually, now that I think about it, I hate them. Stupid pop rock crap.

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@Eambos: Ah, finally, someone understands!

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I can totally get why people wouldn’t like them, TOTALLY. I usually don’t listen to that stuff unless I’m upset or just relaxing alone.

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I agree that they have gotten a little too big for their britches (I feel the same way about U2), but I do really like them because I think above all else, they’re excellent musicians. I have to respect that.

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@essieness: OMG, yes! Chris Martin and Bono both have that gross self-important ‘I think I’m God’s gift to music and the world’ thing going on!

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@TitsMcGhee Yeah, they strike me as thinking they know how to solve the world’s problems. Just stick to writing great music, boys. Thanks.

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@TitsMcGhee Yeah, that’s reseved for Clapton.

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@Grisson And/Or Hendrix. No, SRV. No, Jimmy Page.

Crap. I’m stopping now.

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@essieness and @Grisson: Bono definitely wins if it was Bono vs. Chris Martin in a throwdown of who is more self righteous, but neither of them is even in the same ballpark as those who actually deserve it.

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I liked them in the beginning but now I find them repetitive and boring.

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Clapton is a sexy beast.

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I have only their first album, Parachutes. I call it Music to Clean the Flat By.

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The only songs that were okay were “The Scientist” and “Yellow”.
Okay, maybe “Speed of Sound” and “Fix You” are eeehhhh.
I am golding my cat, and here’s what she thinks: MEEEW!!

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Til Kingdom Come is a great song for romantics.

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I know that a whole lot of people hate them, but I like them.

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count me in as a fan
... and when it’s time to just think, their music could just play for hours

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Know how i know you’re gay? ‘Cause you listen to coldplay.

- 40 year old virgin

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They were an acquired taste, but I do like them. Before the movie Garden State I wrote them off completely but I heard “Don’t Panic,” in that movie and I was like “Shit, really Coldplay?” Good stuff.

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I don’t mind them, they’re good in concert, not quite my mainstream taste but I don’t mind listening to some of their popular songs every now and again seeing as my brother is into that sort of thing.

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i don’t listen to them often enough to have a real opinion. i never really paid that much attention to them, though a few friends keep urging me to listen to them. i really fell in love with “don’t panic” from the garden state soundtrack (as onesecondregrets said ^), so i am considering listening to more of their music. i think chris martin seems really really full of himself, but i don’t really care. if they do make great music, he can have an inflated ego if he wants haha.

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NO!!!!!!!!!!! the singer has ADD and jumps all over the stage and is really anoying.

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