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If you were born 20 years ago, but on February 29th (a leap year), are you actually 5 years old?

Asked by Mtl_zack (6765points) February 22nd, 2009
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Despite the comical use that Gilbert and Sullivan made of this notion as a plot device in The Pirates of Penzance (wherein the hero can’t get out of his contract until he reaches his 21st birthday), you are 20 years old. You have had only five birthdays, but you’ve completed 20 one-year cycles.

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I like how I said it.

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Insulting name-calling is better??

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My grandmother is 16. Weird at first, but my nonna and I always joke about this. She just had her “Sweet 16” (16 leap years——don’t multiply 16 by 4 or she’ll kill me!).
Actually, a few people are born on leap years in my family. At least 3.

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[Mod says] No more insults, please.

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All I can say is that, if I were born on a leap day, I would be using that to claim minority status in my next legal suit.

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That’s funny. So is the fact that some Koreans are simultaneously two different ages.. you see… when they are born, they say they are 1 year old to begin with…not a year later.. but if they join the military and fill out US paperwork they have to change it. A friend of mine was 21/20 .. lucky for him the drinking age in Korea is different too.

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Hey, that would keep you from having to pay taxes, I mean they dont make 5 year olds deal with the IRS.

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Leap years have to do with the solar calendar being in sync… not birthdays.

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Most Leap Babies (that’s what their called) celebrate on February 29, or March 1.

I thought I was old, but I guess I’ve only had 12 birthdays, I’m not even a teenager yet.

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A year is equal to 365.25 days. Birthdays occur each year according to the previous definition. In reality, everyone celebrates their birthdays on days that may not technically be their birth day – since we add the extra day once each four years, anyone celebrating their birthday one year after a leap year is quarter of a day off of the actual day, two years is a half a day difference, and three years is a full three quarters of a day.

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