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Can you touch your elbow with the tip of your tounge?

Asked by TheFonz_is (367points) February 23rd, 2009

just to see how many of you tried it :)

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Tried it… and nope. Haha.

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I didn’t try since I read the whole question.

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Didn’t have to try to know I can’t do it. Never have been able to, either.

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Can Gene Simmons do it?

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after thome drinking and thome thithors, I can now touch the tip of my nothe with my tongue.

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My grandma used to say the only thing that should go in your ear is your elbow.
And I can’t do either.

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Does “tounge” rhyme with “lounge”?

onesecondregrets's avatar

Haha before I even clicked on the link for the question I was thinking of my response and it was going to be “No, I can’t and NO I did NOT just try to.”

…I’ve fallen for it too many times before. :(.

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@gailcalled No, because it’s TONGUE not tounge. Makes no sense, I know.

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Nope. Tried it and ow.

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No. But google comes up with a lot of nasty stuff if you search for “tounge”.

Go ahead and look. I’ll wait.

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No, I can’t. And I should thank you for suggesting that I try this because I think I injured myself in the attempt which now means I don’t have to go to work today. :o)

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it’s physically impossible to do that.
don’t try you fools.
that’s what set Jeffery Dahmer over the edge.

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@mdrnmouse Is it actually impossible or just impossible for people with joints that function normally? Can someone who is double jointed or has a shoulder that easily pops out of joint lick their elbow?

Just curious.

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Wait. What about Gene Simmons from the rock group KISS? He could do it with his tongue couldn’t he?

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Let’s take a try…
I have a long tongue, but never use it.

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I had taken my son to an sports physician when he broke his foot. During one of our visits he asked the doctor if he could do this. The doctor said that it was impossible for anyone to do it. Well, my son proved him wrong. The kid has a freakishy long tongue! He’s gonna make someone very happy one day! He is the only one in the family that can do it!

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I can’t touch the elbow but I do use the tip of my tongue to smooth back my eyebrows.

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ok :) apart from just having a laugh, and spelling tounge or tongue wrong.. here is proof (and no its not me)


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@TheFonz_is: And how do we know that the elbow and the tongue belong to the same person? Wouldn’t it be really easy to use someone else’s elbow?

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hmmm i like your thinking.. a hoax!!

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@TheFonz_is First, welcome and great name. Second, way cool! if it isn’t a hoax.

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Oh my gosh! I acually got it!!!

it’s been a long week

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@Bri_L thanks, I think the photo is real though…

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I forgot Third, totally cute baby!

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