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Do you like to eat garlic?

Asked by punkrockworld (960points) February 23rd, 2009

I really hate it, especially when I have places to go to. So I always avoid it and people usually look at me as if I have a problem.. I just can’t stand the smell.

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I don’t mind garlic. It’s good on pizza and pasta. It’s onions I hate.

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Roasted garlic is the best.

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Garlic is one of the many things on this Earth that reminds me how damned excellent it is to be alive.

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Raw garlic and olives is a nice little bar snack.

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Garlic makes things taste good. Yeah, I like it. Garlic burps can be unsettling though.

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I love garlic. Onions, too.

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Augustlan! I think I love you!!!

I love garlic & onions! No vampires at my place!!!

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I don’t really like it raw, though I always use a lot in cooking. But yes, I make sure I don’t have to talk to anyone for the next couple of days.

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@loser The feeling is mutual, baby. We are definitely safe from the blood-suckers!

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Count me in as a garlic and onion lover, too!

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I’m a big fan of onions and I like garlic if it is mixed in with various kinds of foods but there is no way I could eat it raw. It’s just too strong for me in that way.

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Onions can go extinct. Gives a TFB to allie

Garlic bread is the best thing ever..

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Mmm, garlic. I’ll take the onions too as long as they’re sauteed with garlic.

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There’s a brewpub in my city that has a “Garlic Platter” appetizer. It serves up a whole head of roasted garlic (cut for easy scoop-and-spread), along with a garlicky basil pesto, garlic spreading cheese (like cream cheese but softer and creamier), and a bunch of roasted red and green peppers and onions, and a personal-size loaf of fresh bread as a delivery mechanism. It’s intense and delicious! Most of the time when I go there, I get the garlic platter and a side salad as my entree.

So I guess the answer is yes. :)

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I hate garlic. But if it’s ground up tiny and I don’t know it’s there I’m ok with it.

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Garlic in stuff is fine. Onions cooked really well is amazing. Especially sweet onions.

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@augustlan mmmmmm…..onions and garlic! Yum!

I love garlic!

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Oooh yeah, onions & garlic both are staples in this house.

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If you can’t cook with garlic, you can’t cook.

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I buy so much garlic, one time the cashier asked me if I was trying to keep the vampires away.

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mmmm, garlic. We love garlic here. I think I must sweat garlic we eat so much.

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