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I made a batch of preserved lemons, but I don't have a tangine and we don't do lamb. In what other recipes and ways can preserved lemons be used?

Asked by DaphneT (5728points) January 16th, 2014

The lemons are very salty, and I’m serving a person on a low sodium diet, so I can only use one or two strips per dish, depending on how many the dish serves. Any suggestions?

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I know this isn’t strictly what you’re asking, but you don’t have to have a tagine to make tagine. Other types of cooking vessels will do.

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I bought a small jar of preserved lemons and have added them to recipes that use lemon juice. The results are usually pretty good.

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There are some yummy looking recipes here.

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Anything you can make in a Tagine can likewise be made in a simple Dutch Oven type pot or a crockpot.

And since these lemons are preserved, they’ll keep for a long long time so it really doesn’t matter how little of them you use each time.

They’re really designed to be used more as an accent flavor rather than a main ingredient.

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Thanks everyone for all the suggestions. That really helped kick-start my brain on cooking. Today it’ll be basic tuna for lunch with just a punch of preserved lemon.

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