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Where can I get sliding scale or public aid treatment of eating disorders?

Asked by Ma-goo (153points) November 22nd, 2006
My 32 year old daughter is anorexic/bulimic with no health insurance. She is on Public Aid & when things get bad, she goes to the ER, but then is discharged as soon as she is medically stable. Our funds are exhausted, she's 84 lbs.,we're desparate.
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where do you live?? in san francisco there's a network of free and sliding-scale clinics (incuding the women's community clinic), probably the same in nyc or other big cities.
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A friend who had a severe eating disorder recieved good treatment at at the Renfrew center in Pennsylvania which is one of the top in the country. It's near Philly. they are a very pricey facility but will probably know where to find other centers that might treat someone without insurance. I bet if you look up their website and call them, they can refer you...

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