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Do you have any secrets that you would share with Fluther yet not with friends or family?

Asked by Sparkie510 (397points) February 25th, 2009 from iPhone
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No I tell my family everything.

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Where I was coming from was that Fluther does have a certain level of anonymity to it.

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No. Since I have met a few people that use Fluther too. I just walked past the house of two longtime users of Fluther earlier today.

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That’s going to be a no for me. You have to draw the line somewhere on privacy issues and secrets.

@Sparkie510. Whatever level of anonymity there is on Fluther, it isn’t much, in my opinion. The Internet is so vast and so connected everywhere nowadays that anonymity online is probably very much a thing of the past for the most part.

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I`m with BlueFreedom!

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I personally know a few members of the collective, so generally speaking, no, I wouldn’t reveal any dark and terrible secrets over Fluther. It’s just not all that anonymous for me anymore.

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not necessarily, just because i don’t know who is actually on here, or who will be on here in the future. (as in people i know. i don’t really care if random lurkers here know something about me, i don’t care what their opinion of me is. just people that i know. my username isn’t exactly cryptic haha)

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Nope.. I have friends and family on fluther. If I can’t share it with my most intimate cirlce, I certainly wouldn’t be dumb enough to post it on the internet! I know many would say one can “hide” on the internet. I’m just not one of those people.

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I’m an open book. My friends and (adult) family know everything there is to know about me. However, my (young teenage) children are members here, so there are some things I wouldn’t get into on Fluther. At least not under this username :)

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I revealed a number of things here that no one besides my wife knows. There are other things that I won’t reveal here; mostly things that would make it too easy to identify me, should anyone be here who knows me in the real world.

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I don’t tell everybody everything about me. That’d take the mystery about me out of their lives!

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