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Does anyone like our new president obama?

Asked by Imastarwars (62points) February 26th, 2009 from iPhone

Stupid economic crisis

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As a person yes- I like him.

Regarding his job it is too soon to tell. I am open minded. I wont judge him 6 weeks into office. But I will say that I think he was handed a stinking pile. If he can turn us around he will have my utmost respect.

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He’s been our president for less than two months so it’s kind of hard to make an accurate determination yet on how good he might or might not be later on. President Obama inherited the economic crisis when he became president but he didn’t create it. He and the government need time to try and find a viable solution and it isn’t going to happen overnight.

He appears to be very articulate and intelligent to me and I like that in him. He is a vast improvement, so far, over the walking train wreck we had in George Bush for the last 8 years.

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Anyone vote for McCain

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@Imastarwars That is a whole new question.

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he seems like a very nice man on the exterior. he seems to have been through a lot in life and has had a lot of experiences on both ends of the social spectrum.

as a politician and our president, i’m not so sure. he probably will bring some positive change, but doubtfully as much as promised in ludicrous campaigning. but who knows, perhaps i’m in for a pleasant surprise :)

only time will tell.

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my personal opinion on obama is that i wouldnt have voted for him because i dont agree with some of his views but we must respect our presidential figures and theres really nothingg we can do about it anyway.

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I like him better than the last guy.

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I personally think he’s in way over his head

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actually im a girl thank you very much petethepothead

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I absolutely do. I volunteered for his campaign, donated money and generally have been relatively pleased with his performance as President so far. He inherited what can only be described as a clusterfuck of a country, and I think he’s doing pretty darn well so far.

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Good I don’t

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Well i would first have to say that we now have a man that has said some things that made a good point about how he wants change and other great things for America which I am sure he is planning on a lot more things, now that he is in the white house.
And @Imastarwars its totally totally understandable why u probably don’t like him but we are all in tittle to our own opions to say what we want about anything. :=>

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@alliee: I’m pretty sure pete was referring to Bush.

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Wat ever his plans and everything all his promises promising change he says he will do it and he won’t he should come back in a few more years with more experience

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Abraham Lincoln had about the same amount of experience when he entered office, and he’s arguably the greatest president we’ve had. “Experience” isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be. All we can do is hope he does a good job.

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Well i dont think no one can pretty much answer you that question, because his only been president for about 2 months so who really knows. But do you think he should come back with more experience?

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Yes i’ve always voted democraticly but last year for first time ever I voted republican I didn’t like any of his plans and his rights

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O what were some of the things you didn’t to much agree with

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I think about 60% of the people like him according to the latest opinion polls.

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His tax plan stimulus package healthcare plan

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I don’t dislike him yet.

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o and what things about McCain were better

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Healthcare taxes about the war

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O well i totally see where your coming from but i think a lot of people went back to think about how much damge bush cause for the wars and stuff and if they wanted those things again then why not bush run just run again?

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Now is not the time to dislike a new President, ANY new President. We HAVE to like him and all work together to get through this crisis.

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@Imastarwars Were you asking this question seeking answers or merely as a platform for your anti-Obama diatribe?

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hey i think Obama is a great person and i totally understand if you just didnt like him for his ideas but if its because he is African American then, what is wrong with you?

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I don’t think anyone implied that.

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No i was just saying because i really get frustrated when people start to judge people over that i mean dang god made you and me and everyone and everything.

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He didn’t make me. But okay.

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Yes, I like him. I am following what is going and see that tough decisions are being made. This problem has been creeping up on us and nothing was being done to stop it, now it’s here and this administration is doing what they can to slow it down and start to turn things around. The fix will not happen overnight. Please want some magic answer and it just won’t happen.

I respect the fact that I hear more coming out of the office – explaining things, than ever before. For the first time in years, there is more communication, less hiding. I think it’s important for the country to have the information, and not have to wait for some jumbled press conference where the President (Bush) seems to struggle to deliver the message.

It’s early on, it’s hard to judge something so early on. He’s walked into a huge mess. Give him time.

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yea thats what im saying lets just wait before we judge him

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I am with Cak on this one. Transparency is much needed for the government and I hope Obama keeps his promise of “open government” but apparently he has already broken this promise at least in one occasion. But lets give him more time. I am optimistic he knows what he is doing. Nobody loves the US to get out of this economical crisis more than Obama.

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I definitely do. Too soon to judge his presidency yet, but I am hopeful.

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@BonusQuestion hi! I wonder, though, if that is one of those promises made that seem like they might work in theory, then in practice, not so much.

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@rockstar4411: We have had a law against a two-term president running for a third term. That is why the Republican Party chose McCain to run. And it’s why McCain lost: the party forced him to run on the Bush platform, which was dead in the water for the last seven years, which is why Obama has a 68 per cent approval rating right now in comparison with Bush’s 23 per cent in his last months in office. yes, this is my opinion

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Yes i no that, and maybe if McCain would have chosen to run on at least some of his own ideas then i think the whole election thing would have been a little more interesting.

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@rockstar4311: I can’t disagree with that (despite the grammar and spelling).

But, I agree with the folks above.

I very much like him as a person. It is far too soon to judge him as our president, but I am very hopefull.

I anticipate good things.

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well i haven’t found any reason to start disliking him.
i mean, he hasn’t even caused the apocalypse yet!
i guess that kind of kills a lot of extreme-conservatives’ theories. maybe that’s a reason other people don’t like him.

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@rockstar4411: I agree with you entirely on the issue of McCain’s huge error in hewing to the party line. What a terrible mistake. Yes, it would have been more interesting if he’d maintained the integrity we always liked him for.

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Yes that is exactly what I’m trying to say, I think we should wait, before we judge him, and also with the whole ideas of McCain trying to stick with Bush ideas then thats sort of his fault in a way because it would have really been better if he thought about some major ideas of his own because if your going to stick with the republican ideas then at least try to make them better to where they are going to help us and stop the economic problems but me i think Obama is a GREAT PRESIDENT that is going to make a stand to how and were he stands right now.

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yes i like Mr.Obama and he has a very beautiful family and that should be an example for all Americans. Go Obama whooohooo!!!

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I like him better than my country’s president. some people like him because he is black but he came from different background like, his grandmother is Muslim, his father is black and his mother is white . dude doesn’t he has any Jews relative .

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