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Should we cut back on space exploration funding?

Asked by 4777 (4points) February 27th, 2009

for test

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It might be a good idea until we can find a suitable space vehicle that would be more practical and affordable for deep space exploration. I can understand the appeal of wanting to know what is ‘out there’, but the millions or possibly even billions spent on space exploration could probably be better spent on numerous problems we’re currently having here in the country. Space will still be there long after we work on the misfortunes down here on terra firma.

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We need to have somwhere to go, after we consume every natural resource here.

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Yes because our country is in a whole and what are we going to find in space? Our country is more important to me than exploring outterspace. But when our country is back up and running I guess they could use a little bit more money. And besides now we`ve got to support that octo-mom.

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A part of the economy is also scientific research and if we want to improve our economy, we definitely should not cut back, because not spending causes liquidity problems, which occur during recessions.

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if he cuts back on the funding we lose more jobs

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Space superiority is the next front in future wars between industrialized nations. It may seem useless to us now, but sooner or later whether its 5 years or in 500 years space will be as important as ground, air and sea dominance. The United States should do every thing it can to further their dominance in this area. In addition, space exploration leads to product innovation, which leads to lots of money in new technology and ways of doing things. If we stop pursuing space technologies, then someone else, like china will discover them and reap the benefits.

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I think it should be privatized because there would probably be more advancement in space exploration. Plus America needs the dough.

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No, how will I fulfill my childhood dream of being an astronaut.

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I think that there are a lot of ofer areas we can cut first. If nothing else, the technology developed by the space program always finds its way into the marketplace.

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Yes like the space pen I love my space pen, it actually comes in handy quite a lot. It’s just a shame I constantly lose the damn thing

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Space belongs to the world. We can make money from it or China can.

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Space is humanity’s only hope.

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Like most other government programs, it could probably be trimmed quite a bit with little harm to the actual program. There is a lot of wasteful spending, what with poor purchasing procedures and redundancy, in many government programs. I’m sure this one is no different. The key is making sure the money we do spend is spent wisely and efficiently.

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