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I have a couple questions about Google Chrome, details inside.

Asked by MrMontpetit (1838points) February 28th, 2009

1st, is it possible to change the settings so upon opening a new tab, it doesn’t show “Most viewed” or history, but it shows bookmarks only, much like it does with Opera’s “Speed Dial”?

And my 2nd question, I’ve asked before, but I asked it at a terrible time so not a lot of people saw it, so I’ll just fit it in here. When I download torrents with Chrome, how do I set it so the downloads open in uTorrent, instead of just saving the .torrent file on my desktop. I’ve just been importing the .torrents file, but it’s getting annoying, does anybody know what I’m talking about?

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I am pretty sure the answer to your first question is: You can’t. I wanted to do the same thing some time ago, but it seems it is not possible yet.

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1. In short, no. Not right now. You can customize your home page through the options, but you can’t do anything to the new tab page. I checked on the google chrome help forums.

2. I don’t use torrent downloads so I wouldn’t really know, but you can change the place that files automatically download to through options -> minor tweaks.

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@Baloo72 That’s not what I mean. It’s not a matter of where they download but I guess… how they download? I don’t know. I want it to open the .torrent file in uTorrent, instead of offering to save the .torrent file, then leaving me to import it into uTorrent.

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@MrMontpetit Are you looking for an “open with” button? I don’t know of a way but I’ll let you know if I find one.

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