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How do you view a background image on google chrome?

Asked by MrMontpetit (1838points) March 12th, 2009

On other browsers like Opera and Firefox, when you right clicked the background it gave you an option in the drop-down menu to view the background image alone, but in google chrome it just shows the same menu as it would if you right click anywhere else in the page.

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I will gladly participate in this as soon an Chrome comes to Mac

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So far, I haven’t found a way, other than bringing up the code and skimming through it for the URL.
May as well open Firefox and grab it.

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@asmonet Yeah, I guess that’s the only way. If I really need to see a background image I can just open up a different browser.

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Sad but true. :)

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That is the main reason I like using firefox. I seem to be always checking out peoples backgrounds :p

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does chrome have a DOM inspector? you could use that…

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Not all that interested in Chrome, but can you ‘View Source’? You should be able to find a URL for the background image.

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Psst, Grisson, that’s what I said. :p

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Psst. @asmonet so it is!

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Psst, :D

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(info is accurate 11.17.09)

Right click -> inspect element -> and the background-image is on the right column


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