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How can I fix Chrome so torrents download/open with uTorrent?

Asked by MrMontpetit (1843points) February 27th, 2009

I’ve been using chrome as my main browser lately, and I’m also a torrent freak. But whenever I click to download a torrent, it asks me where I want to save the .torrent file. I’ve been just saving the .torrent files then uploading them into uTorrent, but I’m getting kind of sick of it. I’ve looked through all the options and preferences and all that jazz, but can anybody help me with this?

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Well I use uTorrent with Firefox, and when I click the link to download a torrent, it gives me the option to open with a program of my choice. I always choose to, instead of saving the file, open it with uTorrent, and I’ve never had a problem.

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I don’t know about the Chrome part…
but right click a torrent file and choose open with
in the dialoge box, navigate to uTorrent and look for something that says-always open this type of file with…or the like.

I do my best to avoid Windows at all costs, so I’m unsure about this

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@patg7590 I already have that set, it’s just the Chrome thing.

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Chrome doesn’t download to %temp%, $TEMP, or any other location like that. It either downloads to the default location or asks you each time where to download files. You can click the little arrow in the download bar and tell it to “Open after download” and even check the “Always Open” box, but it doesn’t behave like firefox and will still ask you where to save the file in the mean time and require you delete the file on your own when done.

There is a bug open about this and a solution that satisfies the developers looks long off, even now a year after your question.

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Yeah I’ve been using chrome, which has hi-jacked all my torrent files to be opened with chrome (which it cannot do) and when I browse for a program to open the torrent file (uTorrent in this case) it refuses to change the file association. Obviously chrome is either a predatory program refusing to let me control my own files, or it is in the pay of Disney & its cohorts. Either way it is bye-bye to chrome, as I control my computer. Then I have to find a way to convert the file associations that this damned program has corrupted. If anyone can tell me how I’d be very grateful. Avoid Chrome like the plague!

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Under Options ? Preferences ? Directories, tick the bottom two boxes (Automatically load .torrents from and Delete loaded .torrents), then type or browse to the path where Chrome downloads your files. For me, it’s D:\Downloads.

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