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How to make the Adobe Flash Player sign on Google Chrome disappear?

Asked by elhaha1001 (383points) April 14th, 2010

The sign keeps on appearing on the startup and it gets so annoying.

This is a screenshot of the sign

how to terminate it?

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You have your chrome security instructions set too strictly to download chrome components from Photobucket.Did you select these sound and image components?

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@anartist no it’s not from photobucket.. I uploaded the screenshot to photobucket.
I just don’t understand why it suddenly appeared because before it was just normal and I did not download anything suspicious because I would check and read through the instructions first before installing anything, especially to google chrome.

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What page do you have Chrome load when you start the application?

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@cyreb7 the message just appear right after I start chrome. I have not loaded any page yet..

@SeventhSense i don’t like really like firefox. chrome is faster

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@elhaha1001 thanks for the response; but you still haven’t told me what happens when you start Chrome: does it start the new tab page, the last windows you had open, or a homepage like

Looking at your error message once more, I noticed that the error appears to be coming from an installed extension. I suggest disabling your installed extension one by one, and restarting Chrome each time to see which one is causing the error message. When you find the offending extension I would leave it disabled, and send an email to the developers of the extension so they can try to fix it.

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I know Firefox has one, I suppose Chrome has one too and it’s certainly worth looking into: a safe-mode option. If you start Firefox in safe mode no extensions will be loaded and some more things will be disabled. If it works there, then at least you know the problem will be in one of the disabled things (most likely an extension, as @cyreb7 said).

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@Vincentt Yes there is is a private browsing feature in Chrome, only they call it “incognito browsing”. All you have to do to access it is: click on the menu button at the top (the picture of a wrench) and then click “new incognito window”.

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@cyreb7 Incognito/private browsing is something else than safe-mode: safe-mode disables extensions, (temporarily) resets preferences and bookmarks etc.

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