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Does fluther have a blog widget?

Asked by squareoak (2points) October 18th, 2007

Does Fluther have some sort of blog integration widget?

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No, not currently.

But it’s funny you ask, because I was just talking about this feature this evening. It’s something we’d like to make in the future (we’d just have to make it right).

Out of curiosity, how you you want it to work?

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An obvious feature would be posting questions. The nicest widget of this kind that I’ve seen is Ma.gnolia’s Ma.gnolia Ma.rker. Integrating the various notifications might make a nice side feature, if the interface was able to accommodate both features elegantly, and could serve to bring users back into the site.

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I’d like it to display the questions I’ve answered and the questions I’ve asked in my Wordpress sidebar. I’d also like it to list my score at the top i.e. (620*), People can then click on the Q&As to view them back here at Fluther.

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Yes you can have a fluther blog widget that displays all the questions you have asked or the activity you are following or the comments for you.

Heres my blog widget

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