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Are the bald a new minority?

Asked by Blondesjon (33723points) February 28th, 2009

I began to lose my hair when I was a sophmore in high school. In the many years since, I have grown to understand that there is no race, religion, or gender discrimination as hateful or prevalent as baldism.

Take a black man, a white man, a latino, a native american, an asian, an Iraqi, a woman, a midget, a homosexual, a hippie, and an inuit, all with full heads of hair, and have them apply for the same job. Have a bald man of any race apply for the same job.

The man will always give the job to his “haired” contemporaries, be they black, white, latino, native american, asian, Iraqi, female, very short, gay, liberal, or an Eskimo. A bald man doesn’t get a fair shake in the haired world.

Just one example of how America is trying to keep the bald man down.

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I think you may well be right. I wonder if that has ever been studied.

I feel guilty, because it is something I might judge someone on when I first meet them (only as a potential mate or date I mean).

If I get to know them and like them, though, I don’t even notice it, which is true for me with most people’s looks.

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we must fight for the rights of our follicle-challenged brothers!

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i agree. the bald definitely are a new minority.
bald should be a new minority race, and calling someone “bald” or “baldy” should become a racial slur, thus causing the name-caller to be shunned by society.

it’s kinda cool though if you think about it. african americans can blame things on being black. asians can say “well i’m asian”. i’m sure your baldness could count as an excuse for short comings. besides, not being part of a minority is so overrated :)

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Does this mean you want a law that requires everyone to shave their heads? So we can all be on an equal footing?

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I’m a victim of male pattern baldness so I guess I’m part of this new minority. It’s nice to know I might not get a fair shake in some things due to uncooperative follicles on my melon. :o(

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My husband falls into the follicular challenged group. I don’t mind, not a bit. In the summer he does keep it shaved. In his chosen career path, it doesn’t impact him in the same way.

Do you think it’s perceived as a weakness? Which I would never understand – women suffer from this, too. It’s just not as prevalent. (or they resort to wigs)

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@Darwin…We are all allowed to be ourselves, my brother. I love the “haired”. In fact, some of my best friends have hair. I’m just saying that if you cut us, do we not also bleed?

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@Blondesjon – First of all, I am a sister, not a brother. Secondly, my family has a strong tendency towards female baldness, which I seem to have inherited. Thirdly, some of my best friends are bald but none of them have a comb-over.

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I thought Darwin was a woman. It appears I was right.

Down with combovers! Let the sheen of your dome shine proud and free.

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@Marinaso did I

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eeeeewwww….combovers are awful!

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Hmm, my husband has a receding hairline, but is my no means bald. Until, he shaves his head which he use to do constantly. I have never noticed him being treated any differently with or without hair. A few months ago my son whom is in the Army went active duty & was stationed in Iraq. The day he went active, my husband decided not to shave his head until he returned home. I have not seen his hair this long in many years. This has given me a thought…I wonder if he will be treated any differently when his hair is rather long? He has not cut it since September and my son is not expected to be home until late November. It could get quite long before then.

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@Darwin…The comb-over is a “hair” style. I am a bald man. I am a proud bald man. You, my SISTER, have opened my eyes to the plight of female pattern baldness. It doesn’t matter if I stand to pee or you sit. What matters is that we are allowed to do it in a “haired” bathroom. That when we are hungry we can sit down at a “haired” counter and order a grilled cheese. That at the end of the day we all realize that all head coverings are created equal.

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My grandfather used to have all the grandkids convinced that he went to the barber shop once a week to get his head polished.

And most bathrooms, especially those with tubs, do seem to be haired, especially where there are teenagers who never clean up after themselves.

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I think bald guys are sexy. Patrick Stewart really does something for me!

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I have thick, luscious hair and make no apologies.

You don’t have to be angry just because I was born better than you. You’re probably better than me in some things. Like reflecting light, for example!

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Ninety-eight percent of the men I work with have their hair ‘high and tight’ or shaved completely. I find myself thinking that men with hair are unusual.

I work way too much

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I have always felt bad for the folicly-challenged.

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I’m 28 and quickly balding. Still getting used to seeing myself in photos without much hair, because it seems like I have more when I look in the mirror.

Anyway, to answer your question… maybe I’m blind as well as bald(ing), but I have never felt discriminated against because of my lack of follys.

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I have been made fun of at work for missing hair in places, so maybe it is true. Come to think of it, my store doesn’t have a bald person at management level, and I only know of one in our district. (took him several years after getting to a dept. head to be an assistant manager) Hmm, maybe there is something to this.

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