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How much of a woman's beauty relies on her hair?

Asked by aviona (3242points) April 11th, 2009

Imagine the most beautiful woman you know. Now imagine her gorgeous locks and how perfectly they frame her face.

Now imagine her bald.

Would she be just as attractive to you?

And women who have been/are bald or had their head’s shaved do you thinks it at all detracts or adds to your sense of beauty? Or is it irrelevant?

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I’d say a decent amount of it. Most women who are though of as beautiful would be mediocre without their hair.

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I’ll admit I’m pretty vain about my hair. It’s long and shiny and thick. Yeah, if I suddenly went bald, I would freak and I’m sure it would detract from possible attraction from guys. I had my hair short in high school and liked it, but now I love my long hair and it does get attention. I wonder why that is?

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I have seen a number of women who have no hair or very little on their pates. You know what? They are every bit as pretty and feminine as they were with hair.

Hair is like the wrapping on a gift. It adds to the gift’s attractiveness, but the gift would still be just as wonderful unwrapped.

I feel the same way about guys and their hair.

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i think natalie portman is just about the most beautiful woman ever, and she shaved her head. so i don’t think her hair affects her beauty that much – i thought she was gorgeous without it.

but in general, hair definitely does factor into beauty, especially in women.

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hair is everything.

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@charliecompany34: Not if you are a cancer and chemo survivor. Hair is nice, but being alive is nicer. (My hair grew back but when I was hairless, I didn’t give a tinker’s damn about anything but beating the cancer.

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As someone with trichotillomania, it’s upsetting to see so muchc focus on hair. It makes me pretty self-conscious.
But, I’m lucky and have come to terms with what I’ve got. I’ve worn my bald spots pretty proudly. I have sorta long hair now, which is what I’ve always wanted. I’m proud that I’ve been able to grow my hair, and it’s nice and thick. To me, my hair means something different than to other woman. Mine is a symbol of overcoming something.

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it doesn’t matter how go I look, or how good my make-up looks, or my outfit, or anything else. If my hair is greasy, or flat, or in an ugly ponytail. THERE IS NOO WAY IM GONNA’ LOOK GOOD. Hair reaally matters and makes a difference.

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I have seen beautiful bald women, and I have seen women with beautiful hair. I think it is what is inside, if you are “ugly” inside what difference does your hair make?

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Sinead O’Connor has always looked pretty good bald…..hope i spelt her name right….it’s not That vital is it? maybe an advantage….

i think i would be tactful anyway though because i know i need my hair, and am very keen to not recede (as a man..) if going on looks…

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I often think that a persons hair reflects how they see themselves as beautiful. Every one of us sees the world with a different view and the haircut you choose is just your opinion of beauty.

There is a norm to beauty as there is to most human things but I think it’s most important to be happy with yourself but not how other people see you. Many people first notice the hair on first impression so shaving your head bald would close many doors but others would also open up :)

Just remember, it’s who you are and what you’re representing yourself as.

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About 7/8.

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My hair is unusual.
I get compliments on it sometimes.
Other times I know that people wonder why I don’t try to “change” it.
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
Myself? I feel lucky that I am healthy enough to have hair.

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Why limit this question to women?

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@proXXi: Here’s a similar question regarding hair on men.

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Based on how you said imagine it, about 87% is based off the hair.

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