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Whats the best product to style your hair?

Asked by mirza (5042points) October 20th, 2007

I mean something that styles your hair and doesnt harm your hair. i have been using hair gel for years but i hear its really bad for your hair

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wax, for straight hair.
for curly hair use mousse.

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Alas a topic close to my heart and ‘head’! After years of experience and experimenting with MANY products, I have narrowed it down to two. I tried to find things that don’t have too many of the stearyl alcohol (sp.?) which dries out the hair, and came across two products that I like:

Jonathan product’s Dirt, which you can find in beauty supplies (I found it with a greatly reduced price at Costco); it is a paste-like substance, yet the binders appear to be less alcohol-based and not wax-based. Allows for the ‘bed head’ styling without getting ‘crispy’ or flaky, and a mild, vanilla scent (important as it is very lightly fragranced). Holds really well without crisping.

And the second alternative is a product called Enjoy Creamy Pomade.

This one is more creamy, and has a stronger, coconut-vanilla fragrance; it’s a good alternative, but not as good a hold as the Dirt (a bit more greasy).

You should know that I shave my head almost bald these days, but if I decide to grow my hair out again (e.g. like the apple rep that’s demoing Leopard) then I go with Dirt. May sound a bit weird but I have ‘asian’ hair, which is coarse, but straight. I was in a real similar predicament to what you described, and did a bit of research. For me, the real problem with those hair gels were that they tended to dry the hair shaft out, and what’s worse, leave an unsightly residue/flakyness in my dark, coarse hair.

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Herbal Essences mousse. I have extremely curly, frizzy hair and HE mousse is the only thing that keeps the curls in check and gets rid of the frizzyness.

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Here’s a great site for opinions on good products for difficult hair.

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fugde, its not quite gel, wax or cream. Completely original, it let’s you restyle your hair at any time. And im not talking about the food its an actual product, look it up.

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