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How bad is it to smell dead rat all day?

Asked by loser (15027points) March 2nd, 2009 from iPhone

I came to work today to find a very bad odor in the lobby, which is right where I work. We’re pretty sure it’s a dead rat but we can’t find anything.

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dead anything smells bad if a corpse is left to sit for a period of time. it could be in the vents, which would augment the odor. or hidden somewhere very secluded.

or maybe someone sprayed liquid ass prior to your arrival at work.
and yes, liquid ass is a real product.

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@elenamillaa im with you
loser you should put some rat traps up but not the sticky ones because those dont hold the rats they only hold mice. Have an exterinator come look for it.

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I was a Resident Advisor in college and we once thought that there was a dead animal in one of the buildings, because of the smell and complaints from the students who lived there.

Turned out one of the girls was bulimic and was saving all of her vomit in her room, causing a very rotten odor.

Gross story, I know. Just suggesting it may be something besides a dead animal.

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There should be a company called Smellbusters. They’d rush up in their hybrid vehicle and pop out like super soldiers in bright costumes and go “HUP! HUP! HUP!” and cause a big, fun commotion. They’d come in with gadgets to triangulate and locate the odor.

Then when they’ve located the “smell vortex,” lights flash and there’s music. Once the offensive agent is removed, there’s funky cool, happy song, everyone dances for five minutes and then they leave and life returns to normal.

Yeah, I know half of this is from Monsters, Inc., but that was one of the funnier parts of the movie.

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We had a mouse die in a wall once. The smell lasted for weeks. Since I have a sensitive nose, it almost drove me away.

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It may be in the wall, they get trapped in there sometimes. Be prepared to smell it for a month or so if it’s cold where you are.

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We had that kind of smell in a restroom near the lobby and it was a dead rat and had to jack hammer the floor up to gain access. After it was cleaned up and fumigated and resealed, the smell was totally gone. Good luck. PS you have changed your socks lately haven’t you? (kidding).

@LouisianaGirl Its a little late for a trap if the critter is already dead isn’t it?

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@Cardinal im saying for future references.

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Dead things stink! There’s a beam inside the wall of my room that stops just before it actually meets the wall, so there’s a gap. Every couple of months, a mouse falls through the gap and can’t get back up. So I hear squeaking and scratching and scrabbling until it dies, and then I get to smell it while it decays. Yum.

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