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Last years tax form?

Asked by z28proximo (285points) March 2nd, 2009

I kinda don’t have my last years IRS tax form handy. (not in this state) And actually, I don’t even think I still have it at all. Is there someplace on the web I can go to get a copy of it? Or just look at it? I need some info from it!

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You can get copies of previous years forms by contacting the IRS: “Request transcripts by calling 1–800-829–1040, or order by mail using IRS Form 4506T (Request for Transcript of Tax Return). We do not charge a fee for transcripts. Allow two weeks for delivery.”,,id=110571,00.html

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Two weeks. *tear *

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That’s why the IRS tells you to keep copies for 3 to 7 years (depending on how you filed).

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@Darwin is right. You can get the info online. Print it out and hold on to it for at least 7 years. Who did your taxes last year?

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Apparently I went temporarily blind when I checked the turbotax site for old forms. My friend came over and in 3 minutes had my old return pulled up. o.O

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