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Ladies, what is your "signature scent"?

Asked by essieness (7693points) March 2nd, 2009

And why?

Mine is Angel by Thierry Mugler. I like the patchouli and vanilla and when I wear it, I get compliments, so I assume it mixes well with my body chemistry.

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Aussie shampoo. That’s it for me!

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J’adore by Dior. Nice and spicy; I absolutely hate fruity perfumes. I get compliments on it all the time, and I don’t personally know anyone else who wears it, so I love it!

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@Ashpea9288 I’ll have to check that one out. I also hate the fruity scents and LOVE the spicy ones. Have you tried Deep Red by Hugo Boss? It’s a nice one. I also really like Euphoria by Calvin Klein.

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Currently its Ralph Lauren, the original. I’ve been through so many though, haha. I want Princess by Vera Wang though.

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Black by Kenneth Cole, Chance by Chanel, Pleasures by Estee Lauder and Light Blue by Dolce and Gabbana

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None. I hate scents. I’m allergic a bit and my partner gets massive headaches when inconsiderate people drench themselves with perfume. I’m not saying all you ladies do this, there are certainly wise ones who discreetly apply to specific points. But there are also those who think that they must be coated head to toe in it in order to have “their signature scent”. And it just ruins our entire evening when it happens, and it happens everywhere where other people are. It’s frustrating and annoying and disrespectful. The smell of nothing is great enough for me. I get compliments via my clothing (my rainbow jacket in particular) :)

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I wear Narcisse by Chloe. It has some nice spicy tones to it. I would love to try Jicky by Guerlain when I can afford it.

The inmates at work always ask what fragrance I wear, but I don’t want all the hookers in town to start wearing it. I used to just lie to them, but now I’ve started wearing Pure Lightness by Adidas at work. It smells like clean linen, and comes in handy when I come across a particularly fragrant inmate. I “turtle up” and stick my nose down into my shirt.

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My own pheromones plus the lavendar soap I use (very mild).

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Shine by Charlotte Russe. It’s not really fruity or spicy, kind of sweet-perfumy. It’s quite strong though, usually 1–2 sprays is more than enough. I’m looking into trying a spicy one though, I’ll check out Deep Red and Narcisse, they sound pretty nice. Does anyone else have any spicy suggestions?

I also like Sea Island Cotton from Bath and Bodyworks, it’s nice and fresh-smelling, Divalicious, you would like it. :)

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@dynamicduo I agree with you about the drenched in scent thing…if I’m around someone who wears too much, it gives me a headache really quickly. Young guys are really bad about that, and they’re the ones who wear the cheap Axe or Bod crap, it’s absolutely awful. If you wear perfume or cologne, it needs to be good quality! The trick is to wear it light enough so that only someone who is almost intimately close to you can smell it.

@essieness I’ll have to check that out, I’ve been thinking about getting another perfume to mix things up a bit!

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I like to wear all my favorites at once :) yummy lol. I cant stand the smokers who are outside smoking then when they are on their way back in, drench themselves with body spray trying to cover up the smoke, it doesnt work! now you smell like smoke in a flower bed, gross!!
I agree with you all, just a small spritz is all you ever need. For that “ooooh she smells nice” thought as you walk by someone.

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Estée Lauder Pleasures & Beyond Paradise

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Calvin Klein’s Eternity and in warmer months Annick Goutal’s Eau d’Hadrien.

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clinique happy, I like the fresh clean scents

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Chanel no5
Burberry beat
Rykiel rose
Harajuku lovers music
Harajuku lovers love

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For everyday (especially in the summer because of mosquitos) – Warm Vanilla Sugar body spray from Bath & Body

For work/special occasions/winter/dates – Clinque Happy Heart

For my man – Kenneth Cole, Black

Occasionally I also wear Very Sexy from Victoria’s Secret, but only in very small doses because although I think it smells very nice and a bit more deep than my usual scent, it drives my allergies nuts!

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Ysatis by Givenchy.

I started wearing this after working for a rep doing some programming, and she gave me a gift pack since she was so happy with my work. There was a nice bottle of it in there, and it really worked for me; that was 22 years ago, and throughout my life I have had so many people tell me that when they smell that somewhere they think of me.

I remember hearing tips about leaving a dab on a mans lightbulb, or somewhere he will get a whiff of it in his home to make him remember you.

I never did that, only since carrying my purfume with me was something I never remembered to do! :)

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i don’t know if it’s my ‘signature’, but i wear daisy by marc jacobs nearly every day.
but i like variety. so sometimes it’s burberry brit, and sometimes it’s some random cheap perfume i found at walgreens that smells so good.

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CH by Carolina Herrera. Thats the one for me

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Dove soap, unscented for sensitive skin. I like the smell of clean. :)

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I’m a Clinique Happy girl, too. I’ve used it ever since my last year in high school, and it just suits me.

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Perfume bothers my sinuses, so I stick to body mists. I love Victoria’s Secret Pure Seduction. They change the name of it every so often, but I forget what it used to be’s always the same color though. It’s light enough to not bother me, and smells really good!

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I have a few that I switch out with depending on my mood and the season. I love Nina Ricci’s L’Air du Temps and use that often in the spring and summer. I’m partial to Alfred Sung when I need something soothing. Winter scents include Bonne Bell Skin and Lancome’s Magnifique. I can always wear Victoria’s Secret Divine.

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Miami Glow by jennifer lopez (if you haven’t already smellled it, do it right now its amazing) and Covet by Sarah Jessica Parker.

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