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Can I wear this with this?

Asked by aaronbeekay (295points) March 3rd, 2009

Gotta know. Gotta know fast.


edit: fixed broken link cause I’m an idiot

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Broken link!

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Eeek! No, sorry that doesn’t match. Do you have a more neutral tie you can wear? Or maybe just nix the tie all together? Also, you might want to iron your shirt just a little…

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Press shirt, wear with white tshirt open slightly at collar, blue jeans, maybe a charcoal jacket?

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Depends on the occasion and the place., but you MUST IRON THE SHIRT!

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They’re right. Iron the shirt. And the flowery pattern is a bit odd in my opinion. One colored or striped blue would look better, or go with the white shirt under it with no tie at all.

Wow, you’re probably up too late when you start making stupid grammatical errors like saying “They’re is right”.

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Definitely iron the shirt. If you’re planning on wearing this to work, and you can afford it, have your shirts laundered and starched. It gives you a more professional look. I like the tie, but only wear it with a white shirt, and either gray trousers/navy blazer or blue suit. It’s a bit too dressy of a tie for a casual look, unless you’re paring it with dark jeans, white shirt, navy blazer.

What actually makes the shirt not work is that the stripes are two different widths and appear to be not navy, but gray. The varying widths give the appearance of two different colors, and as the tie is so strong, you’re getting too much busy going on. The tie would work with a navy striped shirt or counterpane, but only white with a dark navy pattern, and not a bengal stripe (fat, even even stripes).

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Given that you give no indication of what you will be doing while wearing said outfit it’s a bit hard.

Having said that I think the shirt and tie go together and would be casually smart (as opposed to smart casual). While you could go with a white shirt and blazer the overall effect would be much smarter and if you are young there’s always the risk of a blazer looking like a school uniform.

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Oh boy. No, those don’t really go together. That tie would look great with a solid black shirt. Likewise, a solid colored tie would look good with the stripes. The two patterns cause too much confusion to go well together.

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No holy cow no!!!

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I think it looks unique, the blue material on the tie looks to match the blue striping on the shirt. But it does look a bit unusual. I think you can get away with wearing it, but you need to Iron/Starch the shirt.

I just realized I’m 4 hours late…*sigh

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As others have said, iron the shirt. Also a general rule of thumb: patterned shirt, solid tie; patterned tie, solid shirt. In the case of a patterned tie or shirt, there needs to be at least one color in each that gets along with the other.

I thought those ties went out with the 80’s.

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You can wear a patterned shirt and tie together but you have to be very careful when matching the same patterns (ie stripes with stripes, checks with checks).

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Thanks, guys. For reference:

- No, I would not consider wearing that shirt unironed. The picture was illustrative only. Even I’m not that silly :]
@AlfredaPrufrock: The shirt is actually light and dark blue in person, and definitely recognizable as such.
– I actually went shopping specifically for a shirt to go with this tie (the tie was a gift, I kinda like it). I could not make any solid shirt work for the life of me. Granted, I’m not the best with dressing, and I don’t really care for most solid shirts, but I swear this tie is the tie from hell.

I was picking for fun—it’s a Big Day in school, I had some nice pants all starched anyways, I like it when people look at me funny, none of my female friends were awake. (Not that males are incapable of being style-conscious, but none of mine are.)

I ended up with a light green shirt, no tie, suit jacket and black dress pants. Safe.

Thanks, y’all! Fluther is unexpectedly helpful for this sort of question.

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@aaronbeekay ~ so can we see the after picture?

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For future reference- wearing a patterned tie with a patterned shirt is very fashion forward and most people can’t pull it off. Most people (as you can see from the above answers) wouldn’t want to do it because it is too much for them. That’s why you get the good old “stripe with solid” answer. If you don’t mind normal people thinking you look silly, then go for it.

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@elijahsuicide – The combination of the striped shirt and patterned tie isn’t the problem, it’s that it doesn’t match or complement each other very well. I could definitely see it working together if the stripes had a little bit of the same color as the tie or vice versa.

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@KrystaElyse he said the shirt is in shades of blue. Anyway that doesn’t matter, the colors need to compliment, not necessarily match.

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I’m not sure that tie will go will go with anything.

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hahaha yea its pretty bad.
The tie is really not nice

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Lol, hi Aaron. I didn’t know you were on Fluther. I clicked the link and said “Man, he looks like Aaron. Then I saw the username.

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I wonder what makes things ‘go together’? It feels very subjective to me.

I’ve always liked purple and blue together, like your shirt and tie. And I know the rumpled look is popular, but don’t go to anything formal that way.

I also like sky blue and spring green together. I think it reminds me of a picture of Tintern Abbey I once saw. On the other hand, I wear pretty much black with light blue shirts. So you should probably ignore my opinion.

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You can as shown in the pic, but the big question is why would you want to?? Sorry, but I don’t think that combo looks good together at all.

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That tie would go well with a black shirt or a white shirt or possibly just the right blue shirt or conceivably even a green, red or yellow shirt (under very specific circumstances). It is really way too busy to go with a patterned shirt. I don’t care how “fashion forward” it might be to combine different prints. That tie is a special case.

It isn’t an ugly tie. It is just a very strong statement that needs the right setting.

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iron the shirt and you’re good. ;)
i like your style!

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I completely agree with elijahsuicide. You absolutely can wear different patterns together, so long as there’s something that ties the pieces together, like the coloring. And no, the colors do not have to be a perfect match. Everyone else is pretty much playing it safe, which is fine. But fashion does not have to be cookie-cutter, which is what’s so great about it. :)

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Different patterns can go together, but always pair loud with subtle (both in colors and patterns). As for colors, they should contrast or complement, and trying to use similar – but not identical – shades of the same color is the hardest way to do that. Generally it works best to pair a bright or dominant color with a base (like a rich black, brown, blue, or gray). If you’re wearing a coat the shirt and tie underneath can be a little more exotic and playful depending on the occasion.

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