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any good quality sounding recordings of the great late jazz guitarist Django?

Asked by gilgamesh (227points) October 20th, 2007

i got a compilation album of Django’s work recently. I’ve been listening to jazz as my friends have insisted me to do so. Anyway i love miles davis and i was interested in Django. The Cd had terrible sound quality. Are all Django related material not in good quality because of the timing of the recroding? I love his music but the sound quality, well it hurts.

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there are some “remasters” available, and i put that in quotes because i’m not sure there are any masters to remaster, but there are definitely some “cleaned up” recordings available.

you can’t escape the reality of the original quality of the time though, but, for me, his playing is so stellar that, after it grabs me, i hardly notice the imperfections in the recording quality.

there are a couple of great vids on you tube you should check if you haven’t already.

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also, there are a number of great current players who play in the django style. you’ll run across them when you search django on youtube, and the sound quality of these modern recordings is very good. but, admittedly, django is django, and these are not django.

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you should use his full name, Django Reinhardt from ” Le Hot Club de France”.. If you like the music you should look for some recordings by the late great Stephane Grappelli, who recorded well into the 1980’s


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Oh, Sorry

Grappelli was a violinist….....not a guitar playe


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